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October 4 - 17, 2008 Relentlessly local coverage of Southern Chandler and our neighboring communitiess
Riggs Gateway
concerns continue
Industrial zoning a “backup”
by Natalie Morris
An ongoing controversy regarding the
Riggs Gateway project fl ared up recently as
Diversifi ed Partners began marketing the
location on its website as a heavy industrial
project instead of a commercial shopping
center. The updated website at www.dpcre.
Submitted image
com now promotes 30 acres on the northeast
corner of Arizona Avenue and Riggs Road as
NEW CITY HALL: Chandler will fi nally get its own place to call home as a new municipal building
will be built by 2010, when the City’s current lease runs out.
the Riggs Gateway Industrial Center, including
STSN photo by Gordon Murray
possible uses like a dairy processing plant,
ZONING QUESTIONS: Riggs Gateway at
boat building, repair and storage, truck/rail
Arizona Avenue and Riggs Road is now
New city buildings
freight yard and intercity bus station.
being touted as an industrial site, much
to the chagrin of most neighbors.
Earlier this year, the City of Chandler
See Riggs Gateway Page 8
on the horizon
Prescott provides
by Miriam Van Scott in the City’s downtown.”
As the recently unveiled designs for Currently, the City of Chandler houses
a new Chandler City Hall show, the $75 many of its departments in leased space,
true taste of fall
million municipal complex coming to and with those leases due to expire
Arizona Avenue in downtown Chandler at the end of 2010, the decision was by Natalie Morris
is more than just an upgraded workplace: made to build for the future. Despite the It’s that time of year again: Temperatures
it’s a blend of architecture, utility and current economic issues, city planners continue to hover at “way too hot for October,”
eco-friendly design. The 120,000-square- saw advantages to going forward with the backyard pool lost its allure weeks ago,
foot complex, developed as a certifi ed the project at this time. and friends from other states are circulating
“green” building, will include a glass “Building in a down economy can be rumors about something called “autumn.”
and metal tower design, large outdoor benefi cial,” says Norris. “The project For SanTan Sun area families longing for a
courtyard, fountain, shaded walkways will create jobs and construction prices touch of fall, a visit to Prescott just might do
and solar panels on the parking garage may be more favorable.” the trick.
roof to generate electricity for the In addition, she adds that Chandler’s Located on Highway 89 a little more two
offi ces. new City Hall will provide substantial hours north of Chandler, Prescott provides fall
“The new City Hall is envisioned to long-term fi nancial benefi ts. foliage, family-friendly events and old West
be a gathering place for citizens and “We will be saving money,” explains historic charm to spare. Perfect for a simple
a focal point and source of pride for Norris. “We’ll eliminate the need to
Photo courtesy Prescott Tourism
day trip or weekend getaway, the Prescott area
our community,” says Marian Norris, lease space, and we’ll reduce our energy
FALL COLORS: SanTan Sun area leaf
is an easy way to experience autumn in all its
assistant to the city manager. “It will costs. We anticipate cost savings due to peepers looking for changing of the Arizona glory.
create energy, synergy and excitement
See City buildings Page 6
leaves can head north to Prescott for
their fall fi x. See Prescott Page 10
Documentary stresses capability over disability
by Miriam Van Scott other milestones; however, their pace will be delayed.
In most ways, 6-year-old Lily Romo is a typical Their biggest “handicap” is often the misconceptions
schoolgirl. She loves watching Barney and singing people have regarding the condition.
along with Hannah Montana. She plays with friends “Kids with Down Syndrome are just like other
and enjoys eating out with her family. kids,” says Lily’s mother, Janet Giel-Romo of Tempe,
But in one way, Lily is quite special. She was director of education for Down Syndrome Network of
born with Down Syndrome, a genetic condition that Arizona. “They enjoy the same things other kids do,
Submitted image
involves mild to severe learning disabilities. The just at a different level. They do what every other kid
FILM TEACHES: “Praying with Lior” is a documentary fi lm about
Lior, a teen with Down Syndrome, which will be shown at the
majority of children born with Down Syndrome will does, just in their own way.”
East Valley Jewish Community Center Oct. 23.
be able to walk, talk, learn to read and write and reach
See Documentary Page 10
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