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To celebrate the fab upcoming season of comedy in South Wales, we’re giving
away a fantastic comedy package to one lucky reader, including four tickets to Mi-
chael McIntyre’s show at St David’s Hall on 12 Oct, four tickets to Paddy McGui-
ness’ show at St David’s Hall on 2 Nov, Jimmy Carr’s DVD Live In Concert, Dom
Joly’s Golfi ng Greats, Gaffes and Goofs, US favourite Sarah Silverman’s DVD,
Jesus is Magic, plus comedy genius Frankie Boyle’s live standup DVD. Phew. This
t.end M
prize will have you laughing all the way through the credit crunch. To win, simply
answer this question before Oct 10: Q: Where is Frankie Boyle from?
With Mercury having some infl uence on you, friends
If you’ve read the sports page, you’ll know that the Welsh rugby team will be sport-
will seem closer. Or are they just groveling with ulterior
motives? What do you have that they may want? One
ing brand new super hi-tech shirts this autumn, and we’ve teamed up with Inters- thing’s for sure, it’s not your looks.
port Tony Pryce to give Buzz readers the chance to win their very own. Email us
your name, address, phone number, shirt size and a secret password by
Your stars indicate a period of stress associated with
midday, Oct 15, then go to Intersport Tony Pryce in Queens Arcade on Fri your career. Or is it someone involved in your work-
17 Oct to see if you’ve won!
place? Perhaps it’s time to change careers, or if you’re
the boss, sack the irritating sod.
At a recent seminar held at Pica I was asked why, if
I was so good at revealing future information, was I
Ah Wales. Land of the Dragon, Green, Green Grass, etc. There’s no denying this
not a wealthy person? You should ask yourself why
is a beautiful country, but how many of us actually bother to get out and about you’re not better off than you are, and be honest with
and see some of it? Well, luckily for you, are offering a pair of tick-
ets for a tour of the winner’s choice, at any time (Go to for
some inspiration). To win, just answer this: Q: How many castles are there
You are very diffi cult to give advice to, even if it’s bla-
in Wales?
tantly clear what’s the right thing to do. Should you go
right or left, up or down, help someone or ignore them.
In fact why am I even writing this?
Not been too lucky with relationships lately eh? Well
Clubbers, listen up. The people behind Hed Kandi are giving away three pairs of
you can’t blame the stars, even they can be hard
tickets to their next night at Liquid Cardiff, on Sat 18 Oct, as well as six copies of
pushed with a hopeless case of inferior personality and
Hed Kandi’s super sexy disco house compilation CDs. To win, just answer this Q
self infl icted physical abuse. Even the ‘Secret Garden
of Beauty’ in Barry would need overtime in your case.
before 16 Oct: When was the Hed Kandi label launched?
Loch Fynne Restaurant, A48. How good is that for all
you fi shy people? And not just for Pisceans either – fi sh
is good for the brain, and you’ll need to use yours this
As part of The Norwegian Church’s Oktober Folk Fest, The Hobopop Collective
month to get through a couple of problems looming,
(the latest development in the performance career of Kirsty McGee and Mat Mar-
possibly created by the jock running the country.
tin) will be performing on 10 Oct, and one Buzz reader can bag themselves a pair ARIES
of tickets if they answer this: Q: What is Kirsty’s new album called?
This month defi nitely looks gloomy for you – probably
all in your mind though. So shape up and shake off the
gloom and doom brought on by the rotten summer and
current fi nancial crisis. Contact Jack D. He’ll help you
through any drama.
Hollywood ledge Liam Neeson springs into action in Taken to save his daughter
(Maggie Grace of Lost fame) from the seedy slave trade underworld. If you fancy With the infl uence of Venus you may strike lucky in
yourself as a bit of a spy, just answer this question to win one of fi ve Taken goodie
love this month, assuming you frequent the right night
watering-holes. Mind you, watering holes attract ga-
bags: Q: What was Maggie Grace’s Lost character called?
zelles and herds of baboons.
Think long and hard before making a decision, particu-
larly where money is concerned. You are known to bite
Sophisticated bar culture has led to a sparkling new instalment in the Bar Grooves off more than you can chew and with your mouth, and
series. Guaranteed to get you spinning and twirling, the triple Disco Heat CD set
that’s an awful lot.
is laced with mirror ball house and disco fl avours. To win one of fi ve copies, just
answer this: Q: What was the name of the last Bar Grooves CD? After a late night when I did actually wake up looking
at the stars in the early hours, I’m sure I completed
your sign because I wrote it all down on my takeaway
box lid. Unfortunately that’s somewhere in Westgate
Fly me to the Moon is the fi rst ever animated 3D fi lm to hit cinemas. Housefl y
Nat and his two best friends Scooter and IQ have the ultimate adventure as they
As a Leo you’re born ahead of most people, but even
fl y to the moon aboard Apollo 11.The fi lm will literally take you out of this world, you need a little help now and then. Why not improve
and we have fi ve 3D Fly Me To The Moon boards and special 3D glasses to give
what you are with a visit to Boulders on Rover Way be-
hind TGI Fridays. Every little helps.
away. To win, answer this: Q: What was the exact date that Apollo 11 landed
on the moon?
What you need is a good night out. Unfortunately you
missed Circus Oz, but for some good food I’d try the
Please email your answers, name, address and contact number to
Olive Tree in Penarth. For drinks, try Soda Bar, Cardiff,
and if you want entertainment in the form of a bunch by Sat 1 Nov unless otherwise stated.
of clowns, try the Welsh Assembly.
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