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a quickie
Dear Buzz,
I disagree with the opinion put forward in last month’s review of The Duchess. The
article makes the point that the Duke and Duchess were ill-fated due to their age
difference. That may well have something to do with their relationship failing but
to my mind the real problem was that it was a ‘marriage of convenience’. As many
people realise, love has to be mutual and genuine if a relationship is going to work
on a sustained level. (This letter, otherwise over one page long, has been edited
down – Ed.) M. Griffiths, Torfaen.
-Aww, Buzz reckons that behind your long rambling letter you’re something of
an old romantic, M.
– director of Mirrors
Dear Buzz,
Congrats for your success with The Hills Have
The other day I saw a small child fall over, and as he fell a pigeon shat on him.
Eyes, what was the inspiration for your latest
Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. No lie. Jake, via email.
film Mirrors?
-Thanks for sharing , Jake.
Grégory Levasseur and I received a script
called Into the Mirror, but neither the story
nor the characters appealed to me. However,
the idea of the mirror, an everyday object that
everyone takes for granted and hardly notices,
stuck with us.
Mirror, mirror, on the wall, indeed.
Everyone has a different and particular
Girl on mobile phone:
relationship with the mirror. Some are quite
So yeah, they’re gonna turn it on narcissistic; others can’t stand the sight of their
and we’re all gonna get sucked
reflection. An everyday element is always the
into a black hole and like, we
best starting point for a horror film.
Pubs in Britain are
won’t even know. Kiefer Sutherland who plays the main role was
closing at a rate of 36
We hope she’s talking about the LHC.
an interesting choice; did he live up to the role?
a week

As far as I’m concerned the most important
Woman shouting at man on Queen Street:
part of a film will always be the story. Kiefer’s
character in Mirrors brings the dimension and
The UK has more than
power of his humanity into full focus. Those
20 types of fungi toxic

I’m not talking about culture,
I’m talking about BEER!
who have only ever seen him in 24 will be very
enough to kill humans
Same things aren’t they?

Surely mirrors aren’t an ideal medium to film?
Interesting domestic dispute in Cardiff’s Topshop:
Buckingham Palace
Greg and I had experimented with all sorts of
has been valued at
reflections; we found ourselves dealing with

Girl: I’m not saying I wouldn’t
love you if you were a cactus. some really complex scenes using water. We
I’d still be fond of you. It’s just
made about 350 special effects shots. Nothing
was an accident in this film and every single
that things would be different.
detail was thoughtfully added to increase the
Despite the credit
spectators’ fear.
crunch, broccoli is
Bloke: Yeah. I bet they would
getting cheaper
So now that you’ve conquered America, what next?
be. I bet you wouldn’t even
water me.
After making Mirrors, I can let off some steam
with PIRANHA! I’ll be able to do all I’ve ever
Noel Edmonds believes
Girl: I don’t think cacti need
wanted in horror and gore. Afterwards, I can
his dead parents
explore other horizons. It doesn’t matter if
follow him around as
those horizons are in America or Europe or
orbs of light Bloke: SEE?

who the producer is; finding a good story or
concept is all that interests me.
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