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guitar playing for the innovative platinum sellers
System Of A Down. While his ‘day job’ are on
hiatus, this side-project has allowed him to
respectfully distance himself and create his own
unique sound. This is a good offering with a
Electro Ain’t Electro (Botchit & Scarper)
catchy chorus. ***AF
Atomic Hooligan’s third single from second
album Sex, Drugs And Blah Blah Blah rumbles
along at a suitably old-skool pace, complete
The Stand EP (Holdfast)
with ravey gravy breakdowns and a sassy vocal.
Two remixes come from man of the moment,
Things start off well for this metalcore band
15 (Cipher Films)
Rico Tubbs, who lays on plenty of squelch and
from Cardiff, whose debut EP opens with what
Six years after killing Trife, Sam is released from jail. Now, in an
hoovers for his Rave Mix. ***RH
might be a crushing melodic sound, but it’s all
attempt to make amends for his mistakes he attempts to reconcile
spoiled by the barking guy with no sense of tim-
with the people he hurt the most. As Sam struggles with his guilt, he
ing. It all sounds like Thrice or Poison The Well,
is unprepared for the hostile reception he receives. Average. **AF
Little Garçon (Warp)
before they got bored and actually pushed the
envelope. ***ST
Born Ruffians apparently featured heavily on
18 (Revolver Entertainment)
a recent Orange advert, and also appeared on
Good Lord! A comet has crashed into Earth! Is this the cause of the
Skins – they need only endorse Nestlé and
mysterious virus that turns civilians into zombies?! Is there an even
they’ll presumably be locked away for good.
Death (Fiction)
bigger threat!? A small group of survivors barricade themselves in a
Weirdly, in its bucolic dippiness Little Garçon
Very strange to think that someone has actually
military compound, waiting for an opportunity to fight back. A gory
sounds exactly fitting for some Orange ad where
listened to Editors and thought that what they
B-movie with bad acting! **AF
a longhair rolls a crayon through a soft-focus
were lacking was not anthrax poisoning, but a
cornfield. Crazy. ***WS
bit of oomph. Death is pomp shit, a ridiculously
smug, faux-portentous gloomfest that any bored
15 (Entertainment)
teenager could knock out on a break from
The stoner pals who got “the munchies” are back in this outra-
Pink Sabbath (Best Before)
drowning ants. It’s not good. *WS
geously funny sequel. This time they’re mistaken for terrorists, ar-
Shockingly tuneful and rested and forced to escape from infamous Guantanamo Bay, and all
short, but keeping their this in the opening 22 minutes. Packed with more gross-out humour,
abrasive roots, Dana’s this comedy will definitely please fans of the first movie. ***AF
new single may be a con-
scious attempt at getting LOADED
airplay. But don’t hold 18 (Icon)
that against them, since Jesse Metcalfe and Vinnie Jones star in this violent, testosterone
their mix of danceable riffs and scream-pop is fuelled thriller that should only be watched if there is absolutely
utterly unpretentious. Let’s hope they keep the nothing else on offer. Tristan (Metcalfe) is unsatisfied with his
balance between noise and melodies. ****ST perfect life, and naturally, he decides to risk everything when the
opportunity arises. It’s clichéd and predictable. **AF
Get this in your lugholes! Lovvers have taken a
15 (Freemantle Media)
break from playing 800 shows a year to give YOU
Peep Show protagonists David Mitchell and Robert Webb return
this: a Wichita debut with seven songs of breath-
for a second series of their award winning BBC show, but despite
less punk scuzz that flail like headless chickens
the appearance of old favourites (Numberwang, Barry Crisp) their
running into walls. Addictive, cumulative bril-
new material struggles to induce the laughs found in series one.
liance: 77 songs next time please. ****WS
demos Nonetheless, an easy, entertaining watch. ***RE
The Shock Of The Lightning (Big Brother) PG (Network)
Ash and Pikachu are back in this latest adventure that sees them
I’m taking this at face
Rhys. Out of the Goldie Lookin Chain. Making
journey through the idyllic Alamos town, but danger ensues when
value rather than putting
drum’n’bass at home. Busting out one-or-two-
the town’s gardens are destroyed. Is the mysterious Darkrai to
the boot in for obvious
line vocal refrains (or on occasion getting other
blame for this disaster? Does anyone care? With far superior Anime
reasons, ie they’re
members of the GLC in to do it) and looping
on the market, Pokemon is no longer relevant. **AF
Oasis so I should. A raw,
them over the top. For 15 continually mixed
visceral four-to-the-
tracks. Selling the resulting CDRs in local record
floor lump of scuzzy
shops for a fiver a pop. It’s alright, like. As-
18 (Optimum)
rock’n’roll, this is the best thing I’ve heard from
suming that you like generically rolling junglist
Every girl Chris Waitt dates has dumped him. In an attempt to find
the Gallagher camp for some time, and even stirs
breaks and wobbly bass, and GLC vocals. That
out why, he makes a documentary where he goes right to the source
mid-90s memories. ****RH
last one is especially important. NG
of his troubles and interviews his exes. There is, it emerges, a very
simple reason why Chris has been repeatedly dumped and this im-
mature documentary is all the proof you need. **AF
This Summer Night (Domino)
Multi-instrumental, tri-vocal sextet Habana
Wyatt’s affectingly vulnerable vocals, backed by
Flex are based in Cardiff but originally hail from
Burgalat’s soaring synth and string-laden pro-
18 (High Fliers Films)
Bristol. God knows they don’t confound your ste-
duction, perfectly mine the implicit melancholy
Richard Gere stars as Erroll Babbage, a retiring sex offenders’
reotypes about the latter city. I realise that their
of disco with this ode to the transient euphoria
caseworker who is given one month to train his replacement, Allison
music scene generally makes Cardiff look exactly
of a summer night at the discotheque. Hot
Lowry (Claire Danes). When a young schoolgirl is abducted, he is
as dismal as it is, but on the other hand there
Chip’s remix is a fittingly wide-eyed, wonky come
convinced that some of his offenders may be involved. An entertain-
are about 7,000 Boxfresh-wearing jazzy Britrap
down. Close your eyes and dream of the summer
ing and gritty psychological thriller. ***AF
naffos like these guys. There you are having a
we didn’t have. ****RW
quiet pint and CHOOGLE!, they’ve started. You
didn’t notice them setting up. Actually, this lot
18 (Universal)
would be OK without the rapper. NG
Same Old Lines (Self Raising)
Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) has an average existence; he’s
drifting into obscurity and wants to take control of his life. Is he
One-man band and feelgood instigator Rod ZEUK
really destined to become an elite assassin? The overblown action
Thomas releases his anthem, which at festivals
sequences are brilliantly executed in this great film. Also starring
he’s been known to leave the stage and perform
If you worked in a health food shop and had Angelina Jolie. ***AF
directly within the crowd. It’s three minutes of
Andi Sex Gang as one of your top friends on
singalong perfection, and enjoys an 80s disco
Myspace, maybe you’d make music like this too. THE HAPPENING
remix from James Yuill. Spot the double-edged
Marc, the primary creator of the Zeuk aesthetic 15 (20th Century Fox)
meaning in the title too, socialites. ****RH
(and head promoter of the recently launched People are committing suicide, there’s no warning, and if you
Y Cardiff nights), ticks off both those factoids. experience the symptoms it’s already too late. Is it a terrorist at-
SCARS ON BROADWAY Zeuk’s mode here is portentous gothic folk
tack? Is it something else? The story is the film’s biggest flaw; there
World Long Gone (Interscope) which showcases his taste for the Current 93/
are some genuine scares but too many inconsistencies plague this
Daron Malakian is best known for his chaotic
Durtro Jnana quasi-scene, although it’s better average thriller. Mark Wahlberg stars. **AF
when understated than histrionic. NG
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