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Great Hall, Cardiff University Students Union
Fri 24 Oct
Many Hot Chip ‘fans’ – in my experience – wallow in that pretentious pen made of “we only know their
singles but claim to love them” two-by-four and varnished with “they’re playing Cardiff? We simply
must be there” Cuprinol. In other words, they’re an outfit that it’s cool to be seen to be into. Which is
fine, because balance is restored in knowing that they are also the choice of every DJ, producer, electro
head and dance stalwart fortunate enough to have tuned in.
First album, 2004’s Coming On Strong, was a downtempo affair that earned them a following but
stayed under the radar enough to allow followup The Warning to take them into mainstream success,
thanks in no small part to a Mercury Music nomination. Singles Boy From School and Over And Over
caught the attention of the Radio One ‘in new music we must overkill’ cool school including Annie Mac,
and their live sets stepped up a gear to accommodate the hype.
This year’s Made In The Dark spawned their biggest hit to date, Ready For The Floor, and their tour
schedule saw them grace the main or second festival stages at the likes of Glastonbury, O2 and Besti-
val, which is where frontman Alexis Taylor is en route to when Buzz catches up with him.
“What’s the weather like where you are?” the frontman asks, “cos it’s just started chucking it down
here and it’s the same at Bestival I’m told.” I tell him that Cardiff isn’t too bad, so there may be hope
on the Isle Of Wight. But has this summer’s weather made a difference to the festival spirit?
“It has been torrential,” he says, “but as fun as always. Bestival is kind of our goodbye to the British
summer, so it’s fitting that it’ll be a quagmire. Then we have one more festival in San Francisco.”
Their date at the Great Hall will follow their US tour, so how will Cardiff compare? “We haven’t played
Wales since the really early days,” says Alexis, “and that was a tiny venue so we’re looking forward to
coming back.” Tickets: £16.50. Info: 029 2078 1458 RYAN HEEGER
photo: DENNIS HO
Memorial Hall, Barry / Arts Centre, Brangwyn Hall, Swansea Cardiff Barfly The Point, Cardiff Bay
Aberystwyth Tue 4 Nov Mon 27 Oct Thurs 2 Oct
Tue 21 Oct / Wed 22 Oct After more than 15 years together, Gaines- The ignominious fallout of glam-metal dukes Is there a doctor in the house? Yes indeed,
Having taken a hard-earned break, folk singer ville five-piece Less Than Jake still seem of arch, The Darkness, now firmly in the sir, and this ain’t no quack. The name
Christy Moore returns with a full UK tour this to be on one of the most hectic tour sched- past, Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins is comes from from a legendary 19th century
month, stopping at Aberystwyth Arts Centre ules going. You’d think never slowing the back on the music scene with his new band, Louisiana voodoo practitioner, and Dr John
and Barry Memorial Hall and bringing fellow pace would take its toll, but whenever they Hot Leg. His drug and drink problems circa is a man whom voodoo has treated well.
Irishman Declan Sinnott with him. pass by and play a gig in Wales they play 2006 and the departure of bassist Frankie Long-time fans, those who have only seen
Since the release of his first album Paddy On with the same energy and enthusiastic Poullain made the band’s disintegration him recently on Later With Jools Holland,
The Road in 1969, Moore has released over drive that they’ve been doing for all these fairly inevitable; luckily for us, Hawkins or newcomers to the legend, are in for a
20 solo albums as well as 10 LPs with his two years. The roomy and imposing Brangwyn has returned to his unique and energetic good‘un…
side projects, Planxty and Moving Hearts. Hall in Swansea seems like too formal a self, bringing us back what we had all been For the unacquainted, Dr John is the New
A major influence to a number of respected place for such a fun-loving ska-punk outfit missing. Orleans musician who started out as a
musicians – Bono and Elvis Costello for to play, but seven albums in this band have Minus the sequins but still as hairy as ever, session guitarist and grew into a formidable
starters – Moore was a figure who paved the enough upbeat, bouncy tracks to wake the Hawkins is joined by guitarist Pete Rinaldi, force in eclectic music. Born Malcolm
way for the flowering of the Celtic rock scene dead; if you’re lucky you might get to hear bassist Samuel SJ Stokes, and drummer Rebennack and starting out some 60 years
in the early 70s. tracks like Gainesville Rock City and The Darby Todd to create – whodathunk? ago as a guitarist for local bands and on
In 1972, after releasing his second album Science Of Selling Yourself Short – peren- – unabashed rock music at its most carefree. recording sessions, after receiving a gunshot
Prosperous, he founded classic folk-rock band nial favourites that never get tired. They will be spreading the love with their de- to his ring finger whilst defending his
Planxty. During the late 90s and early 00s, he Having just released their latest album but album around early 2009, but if the wait bandmate Ronnie Baron in a fight, Dr John
took time out to write his book, One Voice, GNV FLA (an abbreviation of their is too much, debut single Trojan Guitar is found success on the piano, his style report-
and to recover from personal health problems hometown and state) they have plenty to out on Oct 20. Full of energy and charisma, edly influenced by that of pianist Professor
gained from years of exhaustive touring. Now celebrate, but considering that this is a it shows what two years out of the limelight Longhair. (Ah, the days when academic
in a recuperated state, the often political their first release on their own label, Less and three new band members can do. Ad- qualifications sounded cool.)
Moore is coming out of hiding, ready to play Than Jake have even more to be getting ditionally, tours with 90s survivors Extreme Renowned for his stage shows that some-
trad-influenced but throng-rousing folk-rock excited about, so seeing their socially and soft-metal theists Alter Bridge, both in times border on voodoo religious ceremonies,
hits from a sprawling huge back catalogue. conscious ska-punk on this tour is sure to November, should raise the band’s already including elaborate costumes and head-
Declan Sinnott, a musician and producer, has be a treat. Don’t expect tongue in cheek high standards even higher. dresses, he didn’t rise to prominence until
been involved in the music industry almost as wackiness though: sure, this is a band Although we say a sad goodbye to the the 70s, gaining a cult following that counted
long as Moore. After being part of the group that aren’t afraid to have a good time, catsuits, sequins and brotherly banter that Eric Clapton and Mick Jagger amongst its
Tara Telephone, he formed Horslips, another but they also have cracking tunes with came with The Darkness, we welcome back members. But since then, he has gone from
70s Celtic rock band. Sinnott and Moore have uplifting melodies and plenty to say about into our lives the energetic performances, strength to, well, possibly slightly weaker
previously collaborated in Moving Hearts as the state of things, the perfect package for those yelptacular Hawkins vocals and highly strength. Latter-day success has seen him
well as on stage, suggesting duets on this a great evening. Tickets: £14. Info: 01792 ostentatious guitar riffs that will take you gain three Grammy awards from 1989-2000.
tour will be more than likely. Tickets: £27.50. 635432 (EG) back to days of yonder. Tickets: £10. Info: Some of his albums have received mixed
Info: 01446 738622 (Barry) / 01970 029 2066 7658 (BR) critical responses, but what musicians of his
623232 (Aberystwyth) (AP) venerability haven’t? Tickets: £23/£21 adv.
Info: 029 2049 9979 (HL)
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