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Dir: Marc Forster (12A, 120mins) Dir: Robert B Weide (12A, 109mins )
Bond. James Bond. The 007 franchise returns after a major kick up the backside Simon Pegg leaves Brit-com behind to take his place with the big hitters of Hol-
with Casino Royale and a top drawer, gritty secret agent in the sculpted shape of lywood. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz impressed and after the success of
Daniel Craig. Kicking off straight after the climax of Casino Royale, this has Bond Run Fatboy Run and a role as Scotty in the new Star Trek, he is very much on
seeking the killers of his dead love Eva Green and uncovering a secret organisation the ascendancy. With Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Robert B Weide at the helm, and
with tendrils everywhere. His investigations lead him to dodgy tycoon Dominic the intensely arrogant Toby Young’s autobiographical book as its source, it’s a
Greene, played by Diving Bell and the Butterfly’s Mathieu Almeric, and into the shame this isn’t funnier, remaining a male Devil Wears Prada. Pegg is a London
path of Camille, (the vest wearing action girl Olga Kurylenko) who is hell bent journalist with no self censorship who takes a job at New York’s Sharps magazine,
on revenge of her own. Globe trotting action set pieces follow; car, bike and boat thinking he will be living the high life. The opposite is true as he ineptly moves
chases, an aerial dogfight, Bond falls foul of M, the classy Judi Dench, and beds from one social embarrassment to the other, flirting poorly with dim Hollywood
that girl out of St Trinians, Gemma Arterton. An offbeat choice of director Marc wannabe Megan Fox, coughing food on women’s backs and incurring the wrath of
Forster, who gave us Finding Neverland and The Kite Runner, should ensure that boss Jeff Bridges. Frosty workmate Kirsten Dunst is his real love interest and the
action never gets in the way of character, in what promises to be an extension to pair do spark occasionally amidst the clichéd contrivances of the script. This is a
the revamped Bond formula. Craig looks chiselled and handy, and any talk of him palatable satire on celebrity but with little bite – entertaining but forgettable. Yet
being wrong for the part has vanished. This Bond will be back with a bang. Opens Pegg remains as likeable as ever. Opens October 3
October 31
Dir: Alexandre Aja (15, 110mins) Dir: DJ Caruso (12A, 120mins) Dir: Julian Jarrold (12A, 12mins)
24 was never this tricky for Kiefer Sutherland. He can’t Shia LeBoeuf continues his blockbuster run after Trans- A period drama in the Merchant Ivory vein that fails to sur-
even look at himself in the mirror because the mirror is formers and Indiana Jones with another Steven Spiel- pass the seminal TV version of 25 years ago. Evelyn Waugh’s
looking back at you and doing spooky stuff. Oh yes. That’s berg project, directed by his Disturbia helmer DJ Caruso. tale of a love triangle between middle class Charles Ryder
the basic ludicrous premise for this overcooked horror Very much in the style of the classic paranoia thrillers of (Matthew Goode) and super posh brother and sister Sebas-
from Alexandre Aja who brought us the rather sick Hills the 70s and owing a debt to Enemy Of The State, this has tian and Julia (Ben Wishaw and Hayley Attwell), set against
Have Eyes remake. Sutherland is an alcoholic former cop ordinary Joe LeBoeuf ordered by a mystery female voice the stunning backdrop of the country pile of Brideshead
dismissed for shooting his partner who takes a job as a to do her bidding as various stunts happen around him. (Castle Howard), never really involves. The leads, for all their
night watchman in an abandoned New York store. The He and Michele Monaghan are being set up for a political smouldering looks, lack passion; Sebastian’s homosexuality
former night watchman killed himself due to seeing freaky assassination by someone who tracks them at all times is barely present and the love scenes chaste, despite sauce
stuff in the store’s vengeful mirrors and pretty soon the via various forms of technology, CCTV, cellphones etc. monger Andrew Davies (TV’s Moll Flanders, Pride And
same stuff is happening to Kiefer and his ex-wife and They become the most wanted fugitives in the country Prejudice) on writing duties. Only Emma Thompson as the
kids. Many reflection based shocks follow, some of which chased by the likes of Billy Bob Thornton and Rosario rigidly Catholic matriarch Lady Marchmain and Michael
are rather nasty, others not so. It’s a silly premise and a Dawson. Can they outwit their twisted techno puppeteer? Gambon as her bon viveur husband strike the right notes
silly movie, stylishly filmed but with no substance. Some With big set pieces, full-on action and new everyman in this bland production. Director Julian Jarrold creates
inventive shocks but nothing as scary as how you look in LeBoeuf caught up in events beyond his control, this a sumptuous environment; country houses and Oxford
the mirror after a heavy night out. Opens October 3 should be a tense, frenetic thriller despite some hoary universities have scarcely looked better, but this reworking of
plot clichés. Let’s hope its execution is precise. Opens the novel lacks teeth or a novel spin, making it hardly worth
October 17 a revisit. Opens October 3
HE’S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU (12A) Rom-com about guys and girls getting together in the shapes of Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck. PRIDE AND GLORY (15) Edward Norton and Colin Farrell
in gritty police corruption thriller from Narc director Joe Carnahan. INCENDIARY (15) Hard hitting bomb drama with Michelle Williams and Ewan McGregor based on Chris Cleave’s novel. SAW V (18)
People still go and see these?
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