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always seemed to me to be rather gentlemanly
by comparison. (I nearly said “genteel”, but NEIL BROOKES AND
that was never the adjective for Mr Wedlock.)
However now, playing this double CD reissue
The Whitchurch Hornpipe
of his two best-known albums (with five bonus
songs added), I suddenly begin to “get it”. It is
Wild Goose WGS350 CD
the combination of the “very funny” juxtaposed
with the deeply serious, Trad Folkie delivery of
a ballad.
And golly, these albums from 1971 and 1973
respectively, hold up rather well. Of course
they are highly uneven, but hey, that was
always part of Wedlock’s charm. He was a
bloke who as a folk comedian always flew
without a safety net: some of his parodies
hit the ground with a resounding thud. But
at their best, these parodies – or perhaps
remarkable compilation of music. Sowing the
“re-workings” would be a better term – are
Seeds marks the anniversary of the record
positively DIVINE. His magnificently funny
label Appleseed Recordings, which was
lyrics set to the melody of Paul Simon’s The
founded ten years ago by Jim Musselman.
Boxer frankly even gets my vote over the very
It was not, however, any kind of label
worthy Simon & Garfunkel original. (After Walk
Musselman had in mind - his was one that
Round The Harbour – not alas featured here - it
held a vision. His dream was to create a
has to be the best track he ever laid down.)
label, which promoted folk and world-music,
spoke out for social changes - a label, which
There would appear to be considerable interest
True, “The Folker” here sets an artistic high
could play a part in uniting people through the
in early English dance tunes at present. Several
water mark right at the very start: a mark that
universal medium of music. It is an unusual
CDs of tunes from recently discovered or
nothing that follows can quite match. A truly
and inspiring story to read the liner notes in the
re-discovered manuscript tunes books have
touching version of Spencer the Rover comes
CD booklet, it shows a dedicated mind who
been released. The Whitchurch Hornpipe is just
close; and the five bonus tracks from two
has and will continue to work for peace and
such a CD. All the tunes on the album are to
mid sixties EPs, also provide a vital spark. I
social justice through music.
be found in five books from North Shropshire
had never heard the best of the five, Virtute et dated between 1801 and 1837. Four of the
Industrial, a song written by his much–missed
The album, Sowing the Seeds, is a double
books were compiled by members of the same
fellow Bristolian, Adge Cutler. And which of us,
CD displaying many of the artists, who have
family. Not all the tunes included are dance
not from the West Country, knew that it was the
recorded with Appleseed. Nine tracks are
tunes; some have military connections from
motto of Bristol? I am indebted to the two of
newly recorded, that in itself makes the album
the time of the Napoleonic wars. Most are not
them for that.
more than a compilation CD, and it provides
found in any other source.
the listener with a sense of a record label,
And that song has Adge Cutler’s fingerprints
which is looking to the future. The first disc
On The Whitchurch Hornpipe Neil Brookes
all over it. To think it is 34 years now since we
called And Justice for All is a collection of
plays fiddle, octave fiddle and wooden flute.
heard the shocking news that he had been
songs chosen for their political relevance. The
Tony Weatherall plays melodeon. Both Neil and
killed when his sports car overturned on a
second disc Love, Hope and Appleseed covers
Tony are renowned musicians, their performing
roundabout near Chepstow.
a wider range of Appleseed’s releases in the
and arranging of this traditional material shows
contemporary folk and roots music genre.
that they fully deserve this renown. Well
But The Oldest Swinger in Town is still going
There are too many great songs to let them all
produced with informative notes and attractive
strong ... albeit close to chatting up girls in
get a mention but here’s a few of the many.
art work this is another little gem from Wild
Darby & Joan clubs now! No doubt however, Goose Records.
if you want to know just what Fred was like in
Folksong classics such as Guantanamera sung
his prime, then this double CD needs to find its
Danny Saunders
by Joan Baez and Jackson Browne, Universal
way into your shopping bag.
Soldier by Donovan, Where Have All the
Flowers Gone sung by Tommy Sands, Dolores KERFuFFLE
Dai Woosnam
Keane and Vedran Smailovic, Sands used this
in his work to unite the divided communities
To The Ground
in Northern Ireland. A song, which has been
Rootbeat Records RBRCD06
called the ‘underground folk anthem’ is Pat
Sowing the Seeds Humpries’ beautiful Swimming to the Other
– The 10th Anniversary
Side. Wonderful political satire in Pete Seeger
and Calvin Trillin’s The Ross Perot (George
APR CD 1102
Bush) Guide to Answering Embarrassing
Questions. Another Pete Seeger song striking
home is Walking Down Death Row, which, in
‘Oh Sacred world now wounded,
spite of it portraying a dark and hopeless end,
we pledge to make you free gives us a chance to be reprieved.
Of hate and war and hunger
There are so many great songs here to pick
and selfish cruelty between, Pete Seeger, being my long time
hero, gets the last mention. The last song on
And here in our small corner
the CD is Somos El Barco (We Are the Boat)
we plant a tiny seed where in true Pete Seeger style he leads the
audience into song, a gentle flow of beautiful
And it will grow to beauty
voices blending together - and that little bit
to shame the face of greed’ of magic is created that makes us hope and
believe in the good of man.
Thus begins the story of Appleseed. The Derbyshire-based four-piece Kerfuffle have
words and voice of Pete Seeger starts off this Pernille Rutzou been causing a commotion for some six years
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