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contains a selection of traditional and modern
Scottish songs sung in Stephen’s gentle, VARIOuS ARTISTS
smooth voice.
Wooed And Married And Aa
With a range of songs from Burns, to
Greentrax CDTRAX9023
modern compositions about over-fishing and
emigration, to songs about men being stood
up by women who just aren’t interested. The
song, Bodhrans and Banjos, is quite a funny
look at a session that takes a turn for the worse
as the afore-mentioned instruments join in, and
contains the classis line: “I remember why I
came here, this is where I live”.
friends was to establish a Memorial Trust to
promote piping and other forms of traditional
music, with a particular emphasis on young
musicians. This CD is a live recording of
the Trust’s fundraising concert in Perth in
September 2007. This is one concert I would
have loved to have been able to attend, but as
I couldn’t, this is a fantastic release of just what
was on offer.
This is number 23 already, in the Scottish
Tradition Series - the mighty series of archive
As you might expect, pipes feature largely here,
recordings from the School of Scottish Studies.
as do Gordon’s own compositions, but there’s
I had the pleasure of reviewing number 22,
much, much more. From the outset, the Atholl
Chokit On a Tattie, which covered children’s
Highlanders’ Pipe Band set the scene with a
songs and rhymes. This 67-minute CD carries
stirring compilation, to be followed by Gordon’s
us over the threshold of adulthood with the
dad Jock putting everything into a version of
I was a bit hesitant at first about Strong Women songs, tunes and customs of marriage.
The Plooin’ Match which involves him walking
Rule Us All With Their Tears - a Brian MacNeill
up and down the stage to illustrate the actions
song about the life of Flora MacDonald after These are source recordings from the 1950s
- never mind what the sound engineer might
helping Bonny Prince Charlie escape - but to the 1980s, by collectors including Calum
think – and the mental imagery he brings to
Quigg sensitively sings the lyrics and gives McLean, Alan Lomax, Margaret Bennett and
the song is first-class. It would be easy, if
the song and its contents the respect they are Hamish Henderson. The singers include Lizzie
space permitted, to give a glowing report about
due. It is a beautifully sung song of sacrifice Higgins, and the musicians include Shetland
every one of the dozen tracks on this CD, as
and choices made. The Burns song Some fiddler Tom Anderson. But the names matter
everyone seems to have put a special effort
Hae Meat has as much meaning today as it little. This is the voice of the Scottish people
into their playing and singing.
did when it was written, while The Fishing Days when the oral tradition and cultural heritage
harkens back to days of more plentiful seas were less threatened. The waves of global pop
There’s a well-balanced feel to this album, as
and the boats that fished it. culture were waist-high but not yet lapping
well, with a list of performers that would make
around the nipples. The material in this series,
any festival organiser drool. Contributions
The album resonates with Scotland: memories will be used by researchers, singers, musicians
come, amongst others from Session A9,
of its places, sadness at leaving it and joy at and storytellers in 10, 50 and a 100 years’ time.
Maggie MacInnes, Kris Drever, Eamonn Coyne,
the return. The song from which the title is It will help to keep our heads above water.
Jarlath Henderson, Duncan Chisholm and
taken, No More Sailing, is one of these with the
Xose Manuel Tejedor. If that’s not enough to
line “And I’ll never leave those high hills again” The 41 tracks are arranged in four sections:
be getting on with, Dougie MacLean sings the
lamenting the times the singer has had to leave The Highlands and Western Isles (with the
song he composed with, about and for Gordon,
his country and his love behind. Scots Abroad Gaelic material selected by Morag McLeod);
Charlotte. Also performing in the assembled
is another, celebrating the many achievements Songs And Tunes About weddings (yes, Mairi’s
Concert Band is young Gordon Duncan, clearly
of the emigrant Scottish population. I Wedding is in there); Before And After The
showing the intergenerational passing down of
Wandered by a Brookside is an English song, Wedding, with customs from around Scotland;
the tradition.
evoking summers and sorrow. Another Burns and The Shetland Isles, where the archives
classic included is Auld Lang Syne which has are rich enough to reflect full sequence of
You won’t regret going out and buying
a tender, longingness to it. A bonus track, The events before, during and after the wedding.
this because it’s packed full of excellent
830, was recorded at The Gathering Hall in A worthy cause doesn’t make for dull music.
musicianship, but also because Ian Green,
Portree. It is a rollicking song about one of the There is delightful, zesty stuff here. Weddings
in a move typical of the man, is donating all
Highlands most beautiful, but white knuckle were a time for fun and games. The wedding
Greentrax profits from the album sales to the
drives. described in Banais Chiostal Odhar, a satirical
song by the North Uist bard Archibald
Quigg’s album glides gently by as you listen. MacDonald, well sung by William Matheson,
Gordon Potter
There is nothing much to pull you in or hook was the exception. The translation starts The
you, but listening to it is still pleasant. He wedding that was in drab Ciostal / In drab, drab
has a very nice, relaxing voice and the Ciostal / The wedding that was in drab Ciostal
arrangements are subtle and undemanding on / There was no real pleasure in it.
STEPHEN QuIGG the listener. He is able to express the emotions

of each song subtly and with a great sensitivity. As always in this series, you get full notes and
Silver Sands
However, this album will likely never be one of transcriptions, suggestions for further reading,
Lowland Recordings Lowland015
my ultimate favourites, but I have the feeling and good value. Katherine Campbell, the
that I will come back to it time and time again to School’s Director of Archives who compiled
Stephen Quigg is best known as a member
hear Quigg sing the songs he loves about the the material, Greentrax and everyone else
of the McCalmans, but has maintained a
country he loves in his gentle, calming way. concerned deserve our thanks and support.
solo career throughout his 30-plus years as  
a musician. His latest release, Silver Sands,
Jean Price Tony Hendry
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