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Sept. 20 - Oct. 3, 2008 Relentlessly local coverage of Southern Chandler and our neighboring communitiess
Builder trade-ups
frustrate area
Realtors, residents
by Natalie Morris
As SanTan Sun area real estate continues its dry spell, local home builders
struggle to attract buyers, particularly when selling a home in the Valley can take up
to a year or even longer. In an effort to boost new home sales, T.W. Lewis, developer
of Valencia in Southern Chandler, offers a “Trade Up to Luxury Program” where
buyers interested in purchasing
select T.W. Lewis spec homes can
sell their existing home directly to
the builder.
“We know that we won’t make
a sale unless we put the whole
STSN photo by Gordon Murray
package together for our buyer, BREW FOR YOU: SanTan Brewing Company owner and brewmaster Anthony Canecchia
and we take care of a lot of their
works the brew vats to prepare for the celebration of his fi rst year in business as Chandler’s
“neighborhood pub” and for the upcoming Oktoberfest. See story, Page A+1
objections for moving forward,
solving all their little problems,”
says Jon Gillan, vice president
of sales for Tempe-based T.W.
STSN photo by Gordon Murray Lewis. “The builders I talk to and
Dunn embarks
TRADE UP: Buyers can select a luxury home in S.
work for are in tune with what
Chandler’s Valencia development by T.W. Lewis and the
those issues are and how to help
developer will buy their existing house.
people out of them. When people
on fi nal term
have taken advantage of our Trade Up program, I can tell you that every one of
them has been thrilled with the results. They see the ease of the whole move and
Council campaigns press on
the process.”
See Trade-ups Page 6 by Natalie Morris
Mayor Boyd Dunn says six years of experience leading the
City of Chandler will help him better serve area residents in
these challenging times, as he begins his fourth and fi nal
Farmers reap
term as Mayor following last month’s primary election.
Meanwhile, voters have advanced all six City Council
candidates: Tracy Buelna, Dorsha Hale, Kevin Hartke, Rick
new harvests
Heumann, Matt Orlando and Jack Sellers, to the Nov. 4
Mayor Boyd Dunn
general election ballot.
See Election Page 8
by Miriam Van Scott
As area farmers head
into the fi elds this autumn,
their harvests will be quite
Coming to America
different from the cash
crops that kept Chandler’s
Exchange students thrive at BHS
farms fl ourishing in past by Sharon Schnakenburg
decades. Acres that were One August evening, 17-year-
once lush with alfalfa, old Monize DaSilva went to
cotton and corn are now sleep at her parents’ house in
pumpkin patches and hay Votuporanga, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
mazes as farmers adapt She awoke the next morning – a
to the SanTan Sun area’s 5,500-mile fl ight notwithstanding
changing demographics. – and found herself in Gilbert,
Chandler’s agricultural STSN photo living with people whom she’d
roots go back to its founding
HAYRIDE: Hop on board the Superstition Farm’s hayride and
never met before. She had neither
around the turn of the
see cows, farm equipment and more.
friends nor family nearby and
century, when Dr. Alexander hoped she could communicate
J. Chandler devised a canal system to irrigate what was then arid desert. By 1900, well enough with those who
STSN photo by Gordon Murray
he owned 18,000 acres south of Mesa and began designing a plan to subdivide his would surround her.
NEW HOME: Foreign exchange student Monize DaSilva,
ranch and create a township, encouraging speculators to purchase ranches and Sina Wilkens, 16, also recently top center, with her Gilbert host family, Rob and Laura
farms in the southeast Valley. left her home in Cologne,
Miller and children.
See Farmers Page 10 See Exchange Page 14
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