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Passion Islam I August 2008 LOCAL & NATIONAL NEWS I 3
Broadcasters and academics in Britain have been condemned for
‘mischief-making’ in a renewed spate of coinciding attacks on Muslims.
The National Union of Students (NUS) has Britain’s two million Muslim community ‘seriously inaccurate statements’.
joined Muslims in criticizing a report on by ‘elements within the academic arena Criticisms that the program was
‘Islam on Campus’, while a new Channel whose only purpose seems to be the ‘misleading, even defamatory’ led
Four television documentary on the Holy undermining of sincere efforts’. Muhammad Abdul Bari, secretary general
Qu’ran has been widely accused of being “The report is methodologically weak, it of the Muslim Council of Britain, to warn
‘misleading and defamatory’. is unrepresentative and above all serves that ‘specific misrepresentations’ could
NUS president Wes Streeting said the only to undermine the positive work damage cohesion between Muslim
Islam on Campus report by the Center for carried out by Islamic Societies across communities.
Social Cohesion was a ‘reflection of the the country,” said FOSIS president Faisal “The program unfairly maligns Muslims
biases and prejudices of a right wing think Hanjra. following the Shia tradition by accusing
tank -- not the views of Muslim students “Muslim students have had a tough time them of heresy based on a collection of
across Britain’. since the dreadful attacks on 7/7, they age-old polemics and misinformation,”
“Only 632 Muslim students were asked have faced numerous challenges with Bari said in a letter to Channel 4’s chief
vague and misleading questions, and their courage and perseverance, it is evident executive, Andy Duncan.
answers were then wilfully misinterpreted that those challenges have yet to go “With respect, this is an irresponsible
in order to fit this organisation’s own away,” Hanjra said. portrayal which plays into the hands of
tawdry obsession with Islam,” Streeting But he warned that ‘the message though those who wish to seek discord amongst
said. to those who seek to cause this mischief Muslims, which we hope you did not
“This report actually undermines is clear, we will not be deterred, our work intend,” he said.
cohesion and the joint efforts of students, will continue and the results of our efforts Some of the serious misrepresentations
institutions and government in tackling are clear for all to see’. included accusations of Shia Muslims as
violent extremism,” he said. The report coincided with a documentary heretics and attempts to link orthodox
The Federation of Student Islamic on the Holy Qur’an, which launched a denomination with Wahhabi clergy in
Societies (FOSIS) in the UK and Eire week of television coverage of Islam, Saudi Arabia. - IRNA
damned the report as an attack on but which was also criticized for making
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