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22 I SPECIAL FEATURE Passion Islam I August 2008
Islam & Alcohal
It is stated in the Qur’ân: “They ask you very outset. Besides Rasulullah other hearing this verse immediately stopped
regarding wine and gambling. Say, in both Sahâbâhs also refrained from consuming consuming alcohol and accepted this
of them is major sin, and there is some alcoholic beverages even when these mashwarah.
benefit for men, but the sin of them is far were Halaal.
greater than benefit ” (Surah Baqarah) On Reaching Madinah some of Sahâbâh STORIES REGARDING ALCOHOL
realised the evil in liquor. So, Hazrat Umar On the other hand some of the other
THE PROPHET AND ALCOHOL Farooq ., Maaz Ibn Jabal .and some of the Sahâbâhs resumed that this verse did not
During the early days of Islam, other Sahâbâh approached Rasulullah declare alcohol Haram, so they declared
consumption of liquor, just like other ills and questioned him regarding alcohol that it overtakes full precaution and law,
and evils of society, was also prevelent. and gambling, which they thought were that a mediate consumption of alcohol
When Rasulullah migrated from Makkah to ruining not only man’s intelligent but also would not be harmful.
Madinah he found that the Madinites were his wealth. However, shortly an incident occurred
also indulging in drinking. The masses In response to this query, the above which brought about a sudden change
were so attracted by the superficial and verse was revealed and it constituted in the situation. One day, Hazrat Abdur-
deceptive benefits offered by drinking the first of a series of revelations leading Rahman Ibn Auf had invited some of his
that their minds became oblivious of the to the final and conclusive verse, which companions, and as was the custom of
harmful effects and the evils lurking within prohibited and declared Haram both the Arabs they had consumed alcohol
these addictions. gambling and liquor. after their needs.
Our Prophet was the finest model Although the above verse dose not Thereafter, while still in a state of
who set the best example of his sublime prohibit alcohol outright, but it never the intoxication, the Maghrib Salâh was
characteristic, so much that whatever less presents a ‘Mashwarah’ (advice) performed. The Imâm who was also drunk
was yet to be declared Haram, His habit for abstaining from the usage of alcohol. made an error in his recitation of Surah
and nature made him detest it from the This is why some of the Sahâbâh , after Kafiroon. Upon this, the second step
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