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Passion Islam I August 2008 SPECIAL FEATURE I 21
MOST EMINENT TEACHER OF of 70,000 Ahaadeeth, ‘Aalim-wal-muta stated that 4 religious leaders have
AHAADEETH ‘allim’, ‘Fiqhe Akbar’, ‘Jaami’ul Masaneed’, completed the recitation of the entire
Imaam Aamir Sha’bi (R. A.). ‘Kitaabul Rad alal Qaadiriyah’ etc. etc. Qur’an in one rakaah of salaah alone.
Uthmaan Ibn Affaan (RA.), Tameen Daari
4,000 Ahaadeeth in which 2,000 CHARACTERISTICS Imaam Abu Hanifah (R. A.).
Ahaadeeth from Imaam Hammad (RA.) Impartiality: Imaam Abu Hanifah (R. A.) There was once acknowledgment of
alone. has never accepted a favour from anyone a stolen sheep. Imaam Abu Hanifah
and so was never indebted to anyone. inquired and researched as to how long a
PROMINENT PRINCIPLES UPON HUMANITARIAN WAYS & sheep lives. After finding out, he never ate
WHICH IMAAM ABU HANIFAH GENEROSITY sheep for 7 years, fearing that the meat
ACCEPTED AHAADEETH On seeing Imaam Abu Hanifah (R. A.) may be from the stolen sheep.
Since the initial day of hearing the hadith a passer by avoided him and took a For 40 consecutive years Imaam
it is remembered in its correct form to the different path. When Imaam Abu Hanifah Sahib observed a nocturnal practice of
very time of narration. (R.A.) questioned as to why he did so, he performing Fajr salaah with the ablution
The hadith must have been projected replied that he was ashamed of himself of Esha.
by the Holy Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi as he was Imaam Abu Hanifah’s debtor of
Wasallam and narrated onwards via 10 000 Dirhams. The man’s humbleness NO. 0F QUR’AN’S COMPLETED IN
wholly reliable persons. over took Imaam Abu Hanifah (R.A.) and RAMADHAAN
Any Ahaadeeth which contradicted the so he forgave the repayment of the debt. 60 (Sixty)
Qur’an or other famous Ahaadeeth were
Once, whilst sitting in a Masjid Imaam LIFETIME
A SMALL GLIMPSE OF IMAAM ABU Sahib learnt of someone who had fallen 55 (Fivety)
HANIFA’S (R.A.) TEACHERS from a roof. Immediately, Imaam Sahib
Aamir Ibn Shurahbeel, Sha’abi Kufi, departed from the gathering, barefooted, TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS
Alqama Ibn Marthad, Ziyaad Ibn Ilaqa, Adi and ran to the place of accident. Until the Trial No.1: During the reign of Ibn Hubaira
Ibn Thabit, Qataada Basri, Muhammed injured recovered, Imaam Sahib paid daily Imaam Abu Hanifah ( R.A.) rejected his
Ibn Munkadir Madni, Simaak Ibn Harb, visits to nurse him. request of the post of Chief Justice. (As
Qays Ibn Muslim Kufi, Mansoor Ibn Umar Imaam Sahib did not want to collaborate
etc. etc. DISPOSITION with the corrupt).
Imaam Sahib would never speak unless Consequence of Rejection No.1:
A SMALL GLIMPSE OF IMAAM ABU it was necessary to do so. Someone Tormented by passing through the city
HANIFA’S (R.A.) STUDENTS mentioned before Sufyan Thawri (R.A.) mounted upon a horse, whereby he
Qazi Abu Yusuf, Muhammad Ibn Hasan, that he had never heard Imaam Sahib was whipped 10 times a day for eleven
Zufar Ibn Huzayl, Hammad Ibn Abu back biting. Sufyan (R.A.) replied, “Abu consecutive days.
Hanifah, Abu Ismat Mugheera Ibn Hanifah (R.A.) is not such a fool that he Trial No.2: During the reign of Abu Jaafar
Miqsam,Yunus Ibn Is‘haaq, Abu Bakr Ibn will destroy his own good deeds.” Mansoor again the above request was
Ayyaash, Abdullah Ibn Mubarak, Ali Ibn pledged, yet again rejected.
Aasim, Ja’ far Ibn Awn, Ubaydullah Ibn ABSTINENCE & GOD FEARING WAYS Consequence of Rejection No.2:
Musa etc. etc. Sharik has stated, “I have never once Imprisoned and violently beaten.
observed Imaam Abu Hanifah reposing Prolongation of Trial: Khalifa Abu Ja’far
IMAAM ABU HANIFAH’S (R.A.) within the nights hours.” Mansoor again urged that Imaam Sahib
LITERARY WORKS Abu Nu’aym states, “Even before should reconsider. Finally, Imaam Sahib
‘Kitaab-ul-Aathar’ - compiled from a total observing salaah Imaam Hanifah (R. A.) swore by Allah that he would not accept.
would weep and supplicate before Allah.” Consequence
There is no such Surah within the Imaam Sahib was lashed, shirtless 30
Qur’an which I have not recited times, drawing blood that seeped to his
during Nafl prayers.” - Abu heels. He was again imprisoned, with
Hanifah (R. A.) restricted rations for 15 days, after which
Kharija lbn he was forcefully made to drink a poison
Mus’ab has that led to his martyrdom.
In the state of prostration.
70 years of age : 150 A.H. in
the month of Rajab. (Others
have stated Sha’baan and
Shawwaal also).
Six Janaazah salaah
were conducted in order
to cater for more than
50,000 people whom
had collected. His son,
and only child; Hammad,
lead the last Janazah salaah.
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