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Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was drum & bass – but
we’re in no doubt as to which dynasty is more exciting. For our
100th issue special we thought it would be a bit of fun to dust off the
history books and compile all the seminal, sublime (and sometimes
downright silly) moments that have whipped this rather marvelous
scene into shape.
The 100 moments listed below in chronological order are all as
important as each other – and, ultimately, all as important as the
millions of drum & bass moments that aren’t listed. This is a rich
tapestry in which we’ve all played a part. So it’s hats off to both the
heroes and all of the soldiers who make this tight-knit genre tick.
Delve and enjoy – this is history in the making!
Politics might rule drum & bass – they do over any cultural movement where certain at Number 23; a name synonymous with drum & bass, BM’s recent logo change and
individuals are afraid to speak out for fear of suffering vindictive repercussions. But foray into the MP3 market is a strong reminder of the impacts of the digital revolution.
looking over this list makes one realise that despite the bickering and infighting in
drum & bass, everyone who likes this music has something in common. Goldie releasing ‘Terminator’. The amount that this record shaped drum & bass is
uncanny. It single-handedly sums up underground music via its samples, style and
D&B is as much about lifestyle as it is music, having admirably kept independent for what it represents. It must be noted, the darkness in this record and ‘Valley Of The
the best part of two decades by resisting the allure of major record labels. And that’s Shadows’ – still remains in D&B to the present day.
why it’s been so long living. D&B IS underground, it IS counter culture and can never
be anything but. Whilst the media measures success in terms of money and profit, Alex Reece releasing ‘Pulp Fiction’ is as big an entry as you’ll find in this feature. It was
the underlying truth is – as proved by Kmag’s top-100 moments in drum & bass – this the first D&B track to have a two-step beat, totally rewriting the rulebook. Drum & bass
music’s cultural and creative impact on the world is nothing short of staggering. When moved away from jungle’s singular style according to Number 47 – the scene split into
you talk about the globe’s best-selling producers – like Timbaland [Justin Timberlake, sub genres like jump-up and intelligent (where the former term is something heavily
Madonna, Britney Spears] – they are clearly inspired by drum & bass. Fashion, TV, film disliked by DJ Hype, a man often mistaken with creating it). Hereon in, if you were to
and just about any creative industry owe something to the rebellious underground count the number of alleged splits in D&B you’d never finish. Quite simply, this goes to
ideals epitomised by the 170 BPM sound – a raw source of unadulterated passion show that drum & bass is now a creative palette where the rules are very open.
– something that is unashamedly and delightfully elitist.
Drum & Bass Arena going online signals the promotion of artists on the web and
Glancing at the top 100 moments here, some stand out more than others. For something that nowadays is the crux of any musical marketing campaign. From this,
example the creation of Amen break – a sample still used in the top records today. many other numbers are covered – remember how producers like Bad Company
It’s baffling to think what drum & bass would sound like if that particular drummer exploded onto the internet, via their DOA forum? From the year 1998 onwards, one
hadn’t played that particular rhythm at that particular time. Number four – Fabio can really see how drum & bass moved up a level in terms of size, quality, ambition
& Grooverider launch Rage at Heaven – this event puts Grooverider’s recent and chart success. They’re enough to bring a tear to the eye of the nostalgic drum &
incarceration into perspective. With two decades of glittering achievement ending bass fan, especially in the cases of the passing away of Kemistry and Stevie Hyper D,
in turmoil, fans can’t help but feel sorry for their fallen idol. Blackmarket Records who will always be remembered.
We add more pages and more
colours throughout the year.
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south west. The first issue is free, A5 size, black & white and only 12 pages long!
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