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Metal deco
Ink spots
rom beverage cans to three-piece food cans, the ever-
widening spectrum of cans is requiring more from inks,
Inks for metal deco have
varnishes and coatings. Several companies were present
more demands placed
at the recent Metpack show to discuss offerings available to on them in coating cans,
the can maker.
but business is booming.
PPG has developed a high abrasion resistance coating
Suzanne Christiansen
for beverage cans, according to Reiner Birkmann, technical
service manager for the company, speaking at Metpack. “We
have a lot of customers in eastern Europe, and the business is
now moving back to western Europe, as the problems on the
lines are the same. The drive is to reduce film weights and thus
reduce costs but still keep the same performance.”
Another item that PPG has developed is a soft touch coat-
ing, using soft particles to get the matte look on beverage
cans. It is embossing ready, has high tolerance of processes
such as pasteurisation, and offers good abrasion resistance
The inside spray business of beverage cans is also growing
very fast around the world for PPG, Birkmann says. PPG has
already been the beneficiary of rising costs, he notes. “We have
come back into the inside spray business after an absence of
several years. Customers were faced with increased costs and
realised they only have two suppliers worldwide for the process,
so we decided to return as the third player.” In the beverage can arena, its coatings for aluminium and steel
US-based Valspar’s impressive stand highlighted its range cans include: inside spray standard formulations, and formal-
of aerosol and speciality can coatings, with both internal and dehyde-free formulations; varnishable and non-varnishable
external coatings represented, along with seam line coatings. thermal cured inks; varnishable UV cured inks; solvent based,
water based and UV varnishes for use with varnishable inks;
solvent based, water based, and UV curable rim coatings; and
clear and white basecoats. There are also ranges for aluminium
bottles, beverage and tab ends, and food cans.
Also at Metpack was Sewin Coatings of Tianjin, China, a
Sino-British joint venture for metal deco coatings. The company
is offering vinyl, acrylic epoxy-ester, polyester and water-borne
coatings for everything from crown and lug closures to food
and beverage cans with tin substrates.
Milan, Italy-based Salchi Metalcoat notes that it is spending
five per cent of its revenues on research and development for
the metal packaging industry. Its range includes coatings and
inks for fancy cans, crown corks, and both conventional and
UV inks. Easy open end external and internal coatings are also
Uvaluy U3 inks are high concentrated radiation curing offset
and dry offset printing inks for sheet printing on coated sheet
metals, from Zeller+Gmelin of Germany. Z+G also has devel-
oped a new generation of the Eurapid 03-series conventionally
drying printing inks with high fastness and resistance properties,
for use on either coated or uncoated metals in offset and dry
offset metal deco printing. Rembrantin in neighbouring Austria
featured packaging coatings for two- and three-piece cans
and aerosols, with high-solids solutions and reduced solvent
concentrations, at its stand at Metpack. Abrasion resistance
is a key quality of its cap coatings, and it offers optical, haptic
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