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30 I CORRESPONDENCE Passion Islam I July 2008
God said don’t look Never a weakness
around because you’ll that He can’t fill,
be impressed, Don’t Never a sickness that
look down you’ll be He can’t heal, Never
depressed, Just look a sorrow that He
to me all the time and dsn’t share,Moment
you’ll be blessed by moment- you are
Ilyas, Bolton under GOD’s care.
Tina - Brighton
Send them through to
Prayer is an open line
to Heaven. No cards When earthly help s
to use, no low battery no avail, There s 1
problem, no error, friend who will never
No charging, always fail. Just lift your eyes,
good signal and all The answer is
messages sent. there, For nobody
Make prayer a habit knows the power of
like Texting prayer.
Zahid, Preston Ismail - Leicester
that pronouncing the first letter but interested in Islamic
in the word ‘ALLAH’ which sciences and searching
is the letter (A), released for the secrets of the Holy
from the respiratory system, Quran. Allah, The Great and
controls breathing. He added Glorious, says, We will show
that pronouncing the velar them Our signs in the universe
Vander Hoven, a psychologist result was great, particularly consonant (L) in the Arabic and in their ownselves,
from Netherlands, announced on those who suffer from way, with the tongue touching until it becomes manifest to
his new discovery about the dejection and tension. Al slightly the upper part of the (remember me in UR Dua)
effect of reading the Qur’aan Watan, a Saudi daily reported jaw producing a short pause ALLAHU AKBAR Allah is
and repeating the word ALLAH that the psychologist was and then repeating the same great Allah keeps me going
both on patients and on normal quoted to say that Muslims pause constantly, relaxes the day and night. Without Allah,
persons. The Dutch professor who can read Arabic and aspiration. I am no one. But with Allah, I
confirms his discovery with who read the Quran regularly Also, pronouncing the last can do everything. Allah is my
studies and research applied could protect themselves from letter which is the letter (H) strength.’ This is a simple test.
on many patients over a period psychological diseases. makes a contact between the If you love Allah and you are
of three years. Some of his The psychologist explained lungs and the heart and in not ashamed of all the great
patients were non-Muslims, how each letter in the word turn this contact controls the things that he has done for
others do not speak Arabic ‘ALLAH’ affects healing of heartbeat. What is exciting you, send this to everyone
and were trained to pronounce psychological diseases. He in the study is that this you know, May Allah help U to
the word ‘ALLAH’ clearly; the pointed out in his research psychologist is a non-Muslim, succeed...Ameen
Isn’t it funny how someone it to many on your address
Easy vs Hard
can say ‘I believe in ALLAH’ list because you’re not sure
but still follow Shaytan what they believe, or what
(who, by the way, also they will think of you for
‘believes in ALLAH). Isn’t sending it to them. Isn’t it
Why is it so hard to tell the ones?
it funny how you can send funny how I can be more
truth but yet so easy to tell Of all the free gifts we may
a thousand jokes through worried about what other
a lie? receive, Prayer is the very
e-mail and they spread people think of me than
Why are we so sleepy in best one there are no costs,
like wildfire, but when you what ALLAH thinks of me?
THE MASJID but right but wonderful rewards Isn’t
start sending messages
when the sermon is over it funny how simple it is for
regarding ISLAM ,people Sent in
we suddenly wake up? people to NOT BELIEVE
think twice about sharing? by Adam
Why is it so easy to delete IN ALLAH and then wonder
Isn’t it funny how when in Preston
a HOLY e-mail, but yet we why the world’s going to
you go to forward this
forward all of the nasty hell.
message, you will not send
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