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Passion Islam I July 2008 SPECIAL FEATURE I 23
drunkard dies, he will meet Allah like other things.
the one who worships idols.” (Ahmad, The point all botanists have unanimously
Ibn majah from Abu Hurrairah) 2) Abu agreed upon is that hashish (cannabis) is
Musa reported that he used to say, “I an intoxicant, one of these botanists is
do not differentiate whether I drink wine Ibn-e-Baitaar.
what is
or worship these idols besides Allah. Ibn-e-Baitaar states that it is intoxicant.
(Nasai ) All the scholars including Abu Ishaaq
From the above Ahaadith, we can clearly Sheeraazee rahmatullahi alaihe and
see the Prophet and the Islamic view Allahma Nawawee have stressed that it is
regarding intoxicants. In another Hadith intoxicating. Allahma Zarakhshee further
the Prophet has described intoxicants writes that we have not seen anyone
as: - differ in opinion regarding this.
1. The key to all evils. Ibn-e-Taymiyyah says that the fact is
2. The head of all errors and lapses. that it is an intoxicant like Wine. And
3. The most terrible of major sins. Allahma Keerafe says that according
4. The mother of all atrocities. to my research hashish is the cause of
5. The mother of all evils. corruption and evil.
Why are drugs, intoxicants so abhorrent, Shariah and rational thinking both point
to you,
awful, foul and vile in Islam? Let us look towards the prohibition of drugs.
at what the scholars have said regarding As Imaam Zarakshee has mentioned in
the effects of drugs from a worldly and his book: - All verses (of the Qur’aan) and
religious point: Ahaadith which testify that intoxicants are
Ibn Hajar Al-Makki rahmatullahi alaihe haraam also include hashish (i.e. drugs)
narrates from some scholars that they are The verses and Ahaadith regarding this
120 worldly and religious detriments in have already been stated.
consuming hashish (Cannabis). Another verse, which proves drugs to
Not 10, not 20, but 120 harmful things be prohibited, is: They as you concerning
occur by the consumption of drugs. khamr (intoxicant) and gambling. Say “ In
The great Ibn-e-Seena says that large them there is great sin and some gain for
amounts of it dries up semen (The mankind, but sin is greater then the gain.
fluid that carries sperm thus rendering This verse, apart from informing us
him incapable of passion in sexual of how grave a sin it is to consume
intercourse). intoxicants, is also imparting a principle:
Ibn-ul-Bitaar says: A group of people Everything in which the evil and harm
used it (drugs) and they became mentally outweighs the gain is not allowed.
deranged (insane). Therefore, if we consider drugs, they
Imaam Zarakhshee narrates in his book deflect the sensory perceptions as well
upon the prohibition of Hashish (Cocaine) as producing hallucinations and illusions.
from Zakariyah Razee, a famous They cause body lassitude, neurosis,
doctor, that consuming hashish causes decline in health, moral insensitivity etc.
headaches, desiccates semen, brings etc. the list is endless. Furthermore, there
about confusion, Neurosis, dries up all are no benefits whatsoever of taking drugs
body fluids which could cause sudden for recreational purposes. The perception
death. Also it defects the mind, induces (from Shaitan) that Class B drugs such as
hectic fever, tuberculosis and oedema cannabis (dope, draw) is all right is utterly
(dropsy). wrong. This verse clearly shows that
Ibn-e-Taymiyyah (a renowned scholar) although it seems like they may contain a
says: All the faults, blemishes, bad things few benefits, overall its evil is far greater.
in khamr (wine) are present in hashish and It is narrated that in Sahih Muslim: Every
more. Because the majority of faults in intoxicant is khamr (wine) and all Khamr
khamr effect religion, but hashish effects is haraam.
to a great extent both religion and body. Imam Ibn-e-Taymiyyah states: It should
Thereafter Sheikh Taymiyyah describes be enough harm for a person just to know
its faults: - that it prevents you from the remembrance
1) From a religious point of view it is as of Allah and salaah.
intoxicating as wine, it destroys the mind, In short, everything, which obstructs a
causes forgetfulness, causes to reveal person from Zikr-ullah and salaah, is
secrets, destroys shame, incubates haraam like wine.
dissimation, quells self respects, Allah Ta’ala states in the Holy Qur’aan:
obliterates intelligence, prevents salaah And Allah has forbidden on to you the
and instigates towards Haraam, forbidden ‘khabaith’ i.e. repulsive, wicked and evil
things. things.
2) From a physical aspect it deteriorates What could be more evil then the thing
the mind, cuts off the means for offspring, which impairs the faculties of thought and
brings about leprosy, sickness, feverish perception in the mind?
shivers, bad breath, loss of eyebrows and Dailamah Al-Humairee states: I asked the
teeth, warming of blood, tuberculosis, Holy Prophet , ‘O Messenger of Allah,
damages intestines, destroys body Verily we are in a cold land, and we have
organs, punctures the liver, burns the to work hard therein, and we prepare wine
stomach and weakens eyesight amongst from this wheat which gives as strength
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