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12 I ORLD NEWSW Passion Islam I July 2008
Muslims in Europe face
more discrimination
than American Muslims
Muslims in Europe face greater
discrimination as compared to American
Muslims in civil and political life, according
to an observatory report on Islamophobia
carried out by the Organisation of the
Islamic Conference (OIC).
In contrast with that in the United States,
the report said the stigma was more
visible and pronounced with more acute
situations in Europe.
Bernama news agency said citing the
report “Islam and the West Annual Report
on the State of Dialogue” published by
the World Economic Forum (WEF) in
January 2008 that clear majorities in
all European countries surveyed, saw
greater interaction between the West and
the Muslim World as a threat.
The report said that it was true of 79
percent of the population in Denmark, Italy
(67 percent), Netherlands (67 percent),
Spain (68 percent), Sweden (65 percent)
and Belgium (59 percent). for instance, reported that a significant towards non- believers, and stood to
“This corresponds to a growing fear number of Americans (were) willing to challenge the Western way life.
among Europeans of a perceived admit (that) they harboured at least some “It is also caused by insufficient
“Islamic threat” to their cultural identities, prejudice against Muslims,” it added. dissemination of information about Muslim
driven in part by rising immigration from Meanwhile, the report has identified countries being victims of terror attacks
predominantly Muslim regions.
several root causes of Islamophobia by extremists.
“The WEF Report goes on to assert
consisting of ignorance or insufficient “The lack of coverage of the firm
that in the United States (70 percent) and
knowledge of Islam in non-Muslim rejection of terrorism and extremism
Canada (72 percent), the majority say
societies that have contributed to the by the Muslim world’s political leaders,
that greater interaction was a benefit,” it
development of a mind-set in various including OIC leaders, mainstream public
strata of public opinion in the West and opinion and key religious authorities, in
The report said this however, did not
non-Muslim societies, at large. addition to the misrepresentation and
deny the facts that Islamophobia was also
This made them live with a perception incorrect interpretation of Islam at various
on the rise in American society.
that Islam was a religion that “lived by levels have contributed significantly to the
“An August 2006 USA Today/Gallup Poll
the sword’, preached hatred and violence growth of Islamophobia,” it said.
Terror attack
‘would help McCain’
The true thinking behind Americans
presidential candidate
An aide to Republican When asked whether a terror
presidential hopeful John attack on US soil would help
McCain has said he regrets McCain’s campaign, Black
Henna artist for all occasions,
telling a reporter that a terror told the magazine: “Certainly
attack on the US would be “an it would be a big advantage to
parties, weddings and community
advantage”. him.”
Charlie Black made the In the article, Black also
events, discount for block bookings comments to a journalist from said that the assassination
Fortune magazine. of former Pakistani Prime
McCain has distanced himself Minister Benazir Bhutto was
call: 07990 528 840
from Black’s comments, saying an “unfortunate event” that had
he “strenuously disagree” with “helped” McCain’s presidential
him. bid.
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