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Phone insurance firm reveals Sharia rules
Been searching for ethical mobile While the insurance itself might only boxed”. That jars when the small print
phone insurance, based on Sharia cost you £43 a year (that was the explains that in case of theft “we will
rules? Well stop, because FoneShield quote we got), you’ll have to cough up replace Your Mobile Phone... This
UK has launched just such a product, to another £50 each time you make a item may be a refurbished unit”.
though you may find yourself splitting claim, and yet another £50 max if you Mobile phone insurance used to
hairs over what “ethical” actually want to borrow a phone while your be just a matter of telling punters,
means. when they tried to claim, that they
Sharia rules don’t allow money to were covered under their house
be made from interest, as well as insurance and had been paying
forbidding investment in specific for nothing - which is surprisingly
industries - including porn, weapons, often true.
alcohol and pork-related businesses. We tried to contact FoneShield
Takaful, insurance that complies with to ask them if they would cover
Sharia rules, is a growing market a handset which was already
amongst European Muslims, though covered by the house, and for an
thus far limited to life insurance explanation of the 50-quid fees,
and such rather than mobile phone but they’ve not got back to us yet.
But FoneShield feels there’s a market, one is being fixed, according to the
ant to sendW
and believes that non-Muslims will be terms and conditions.
attracted to their adherence to ethical At least you’ll be entitled to a brand
us an article?
standards - though even the most new replacement, as the website
ardent customer should still check states clearly “the phones we give
send it through to
the small print on their policies. to our customers are all brand new
I wanted to know
the best of the life of
British Telecoms admits
one who holds today
an undisputed sway
spying on internet customers
over the hearts of
millions of mankind....
Britain’s former state-
I became more than
owned telecommunications
ever convinced that it
company, BT, was reported
was not the sword that
last month to have covertly
won a place for Islam spied upon and built
in those days in the dossiers on thousands
scheme of life. It was the
of its broadband internet
rigid simplicity, the utter
customers during 2006 and
self-effacement of the
Prophet the scrupulous
According to Inquirer, the
regard for pledges,
UK main internet service
provider admitted that it
his intense devotion
conducted secret trials
to his friends and
of software that tracked
followers, his intrepidity,
every web page visited by
had unexplained problems Information Commissioner,
his fearlessness, his
36,000 randomly selected
with their computers or the country’s government
absolute trust in God broadband users. discovered evidence of privacy watchdog, was
and in his own mission. The trials were said
monitoring. said to have launched an
These and not the sword
used monitoring software
The company initially investigation.
carried everything before
provided by US spyware
denied responsibility and But a BT executive was
them and surmounted
company Phorm, that
told them that a software quoted saying that the
every obstacle. When
scans the content of every
virus must have been to company’s actions did not
I closed the second
website that the user visits,
blame, but BT broadband break any laws and that
catalogues keywords and
customers reportedly no personally identifying
volume (of the Prophet’s
builds a database of the
complained to the UK information was stored or
biography), I was sorry
customer’s interests and
government and at least divulged.
there was not more for
online shopping habits.
one threatened legal The company insisted
me to read of that great
Inquirer, an online
action. that it plans to conduct
life. communications news Privacy advocates were another trial in coming
Mahatma Gandhi, service, said the spying
found to be horrified by the months, but that now it will
statement published in
into its customers’ web
admission, accusing BT of ask customers in advance
‘Young India,’1924.
surfing habits only came
illegal data interception on to agree to participate.
to light after some users
a massive scale. Britain’s
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