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UK minister opposed to
religiously slaughtered meat
Food and Farming Minister Lord be eating meat killed in such a way. way I could stop the bloody halal
Rooker provoked controversy this His outspoken comments, which meat that is excess to the industry’s
month by expressing his opposition come at a time when halal meat requirements being slipped into the
to halal and kosher meat, which he is being increasingly used in UK food chain without people being told,”
said should not be allowed to slip into restaurants, were reported to have he said.
the country’s food chain. The UK government no longer keeps
“I object to the method of slaughter,” statistics on animals slaughtered
Rooker said. “My choice as a under religious methods, but figures in
customer is that I would want to buy a Meat Hygiene Service report in 2004
meat that has been looked after and suggested 114 million halal animals
slaughtered in the most humane way and 2.1 million kosher animals are
possible,” he was quoted saying by killed in Britain each year.
the Independent newspaper. Passion Islam spoke to numerous
His opposition comes despite muslim Abortoirs and prominent
religious slaughter being exempt from organisations and were very
the provisions of Britain’s Welfare concerned regarding the commnent
of Animals (Slaughter or Killing) made by Lord Rooker and found it
Regulations 1995, which insist that to be not sensitive to relegious and
animals such as cows, goats and raised in a discussion of animal faith needs.
chicken should be stunned first. welfare, which he is also responsible Passion Islam would like to urge
The veteran minister said he for, in other countries. readers to write to Lord Rooker and
accepted the legality of religious “The country, source of origin and express concerns over his comments.
slaughter but added customers method of slaughter for meat ought Email us with your concerns to
should be warned when they might to be on the label because that
Muslim chaplain’s anger
at airport ‘discrimination’
A Muslim Chaplain from Liverpool “I was ordered to remove all my Mr Kelwick claims the interview
claims “discriminatory” interrogation items from my baggage piece by ended when he was told he could
is happening on a regular basis at piece and was then taken into a small leave, without any charge or further
Manchester Airport. room and asked questions like ‘what questioning.
Adam Kelwick, from Wavertree, is your mother’s date of birth?’ and A convert to Islam, Mr Kelwick
says he was stopped and questioned ‘what school did you go to?’. is well known in Liverpool for his
for two hours on arrival at the airport “It has happened a few times before charitable work involving community
as he returned from a Middle Eastern at the airport but never when travelling cohesion, multi-faith programmes
business trip on Wednesday, the from Liverpool or London. and supporting disadvantaged people
third time this has happened since “It is ironic, I was travelling in to make a positive contribution to
the introduction of the Terrorism Act traditional Muslim dress, but an society.
in 2006. international terrorist isn’t going to fly He claims that interrogation of this
He claims officials searched his around the world with a beard and a type is part of the reason young
lap top, phone, asked for his bank gown on. Muslims become radicalised.
account pin number and put a string “It is discriminatory and unfair. The He added: “I am working hard in
of questions to him. first time it happens you think ‘OK, Liverpool to involve people more in
The chaplain, who carries out this is helping to deal with terrorism’ community life, increase opportunities
charity work in the city to aid social so I don’t mind, but for it to happen on and break down barriers between
cohesion, claims other friends and a regular basis is unnecessary.” people of different backgrounds.
colleagues have complained about During the interview, Mr Kelwick “More government support is
similar experiences. He said: “Some says he was treated with courtesy needed to combat extremists, rather
people I know would rather tolerate and professionalism, and he blames than having airport officials picking on
the congestion of the airports in the issue on unjust laws, central Muslims just for show”.
London, rather than put up with Government’s misunderstanding of Greater Manchester Police were
the unreasonable questioning and local Muslim communities and poor unavailable for comment.
discrimination at Manchester. training of airport officials. - Liverpool Daily Post 5
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