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in Norway
In the next few months we
will be focusing on Muslims
in other parts of the World
Despite the fact that Islam is not new the 1960s. it is approximately 300,000 out of
in Norway, the historic roots of Islam Lately, after the discovery of oil in 4,500,000 Norwegians.
in this country have almost been Norway, the need for labour arose. Norwegian Muslims’ Identity
forgotten over time. They have been At that time, the Turks and Pakistani The ongoing role of media in defaming
lately discovered by archaeologists were available and welcome into Islam has clearly raised the number
in the southern parts of Norway. In the society. Yet, the Norwegian of Norwegians who converted to
their trades with the Abbasid Caliph society was quite sensational toward Islam. More Muslims got in touch
in Baghdad, the Vikings used to carry, immigrants at that time because the with their religious identity and
upon returning home, Islamic coins country was almost 100-percent clinched to it. Naturally, the question
that bear the Shahadah (Arabic for: ethnically and religious. of identity became an essential issue,
testimony of Islamic Faith). As immigrants, Muslims encountered especially for the second generation
Furthermore, some rumours were a society that was totally different of Norwegian Muslims. The religious
going a round about the huge number from theirs. They were required to identity became a very important
of Vikings who died and disappeared overcome the new challenges that issue. It surpassed the ethnic identity
because of the ongoing Christian they faced in the Norwegian society. in many cases.
missionary movements all over Muslims in Norway had been a very Of course the need of Islam arose
Norway and in other Scandinavian small minority until the 1970s when in light of the cultural background of
countries. more and more Muslims started to this country. The Muslims have been
What is really surprising is that immigrate from war-torn countries generally successful in establishing
Henrik Wergeland (one of the and the African continent as a whole, their institutions and organisations,
great Norwegian figures in modern especially the northern region. and this process is developing ever
history and one of the fathers of the After 1985, the numbers of Muslims since. Great efforts are being done by
Norwegian constitution) was a Muslim started to increase because of all concerned Muslims in this country.
in secret. Lately, a bunch of letters immigrants and students. Also, some The population of Muslims in Norway
that Wergeland had sent to his mother Norwegians started to convert to is ethnically diverse and has different
were discovered, where he confessed Islam. Regardless of the real reason directions. The Pakistanis constitute
adherence to Islam. He was referring behind this huge number of converts the largest Muslim community, then
to Islam as the religion of the Turks (whether it is due to Islam itself as a come the Turks and eventually the
(meaning the Ottoman Empire). religion or intermarriages), no one can Arabs. In Addition, Norway has some
First Norwegian Muslims deny the fact that nowadays Islam Muslims from all over the Muslim
As far as Norway is concerned, has become the second biggest and World. Many of those Muslims are
Muslims did not find it an attractive fastest growing religion in Norway. workers and many of them are school
country because of its cold climate The Muslim population in and university students.
and its impoverished economy before Norway is not exactly known, but It is reasonable to say that the Muslim
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