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encouragement can make all the was being made on the Muslims this uniqueness. Simplicity coupled
difference when confronted with a at the University. It seemed like with the adoption of the teachings
dilemma. Da‘wah was to be practised on of the Qur’ãn and Sunnah and the
However, many students are non-Muslims only. I attended one ways of the Companions, under the
unable to do this, mainly because of the meetings held to discuss guidance of the ‘Ulamã, the experts
of the fact that the only contact they the organisation of the Islamic in the field, seems to be the only
had with the ‘Ulamã was during Awareness Week at the university. way to achieve this uniqueness and
their pre-teens when attending the Even though I half expected the in reality restore our confidence.
evening maktab. No contact or meeting to be mixed I had not Reliable organisations such as the
relationship was maintained with anticipated what I saw. Many of Islãmic Da‘wah Academy and many
the ‘Ulamã and in many cases with the sisters wore scarves, but the others are already taking part in this
the Deen of Islãm after these initial way they and many of the brothers regeneration by holding meetings
few years. But, alhamdulillah there as well, were dressed, left little to with student leaders and trying to
are still a significant number of the imagination. However most address their specific needs. More
students who do maintain contact, of these sisters were extremely interaction such as this is needed at
right until and after the time they sincere and it soon became obvious both school and college/university
enter university. Their knowledge that they played a key role in the level.
for Islãm can prove to be a boon running of Islamic events at the For me university has proved to
for others searching for the truth university. On asking one of the be quite a revealing experience
- and there are many searching brothers why this was the case in the sense that it has made me
for and returning to the truth. The he replied that most Muslim male appreciate how little many non-
number of student reverts and students did not bother volunteering Muslims and, in some unfortunate
Muslims whose interest in Islãm is and consequently this void was cases, Muslims themselves know
reignited while attending university filled by the sisters. In my opinion about Islãm. For a significant
and the existence of student Islamic this was an extremely dangerous number of non-Muslim students
Societies bears testimony to this situation as many of the events that the only contact they have had
Islamic Societies are voluntary were being organised involved the with Muslims is via the TV or
organisations run by students to free mixing of males and females the newspapers i.e. they have
cater for the needs of Muslims who albeit with a good intention. This is never met a Muslim before. We,
may be attending the university or another point where most of us fail as Muslim students need to be
living in its vicinity. They typically due to our lack of knowledge and trained and given the opportunity
provide a prayer room with wudhoo correct guidance. We presume we to learn how to practice and deliver
facilities in most cases, and are doing something acceptable Islãm adequately and to deal with
organise a variety of Da‘wah and in the Sharee‘ah based upon what situations which we may have not
educational events. Partly funded little knowledge we may have of the encountered before in our lives.
by money from the university’s Sharee‘ah ourselves. Only recourse to the ‘Ulamã and the
student union and partly by private The brother whom I quoted at the mashã’ikh can help to solve such
donations, Islamic Societies bring beginning of the article was a clean dilemmas.
together Muslims from around the shaven youngster when he started We need to take the opportunity
world. In my first Jumu‘ah prayer at university. He has since kept a to adopt the company of the pious,
university I was met with a scene beard. I asked him the reason for especially the ‘Ulamã and take part
which made me reminisce of how this and he replied, ‘I was looking in reliable religious work so that we
the times of the Prophet s must for Muslims and I thought let me gain the true understanding of Islãm.
have been. The Imãm was an look for someone with a beard. Only then will we become true
African, the mu’azzin an Arab, and The thought suddenly hit me that I individuals, independent and free
the remaining rows a mixture of myself do not have a beard, would from the shackles of a non-Islamic
Muslims from almost every other anyone recognise me as a Muslim?’ culture. And only then will we be
country in the world There are many brothers and sisters able to, in the words of the Sahãbi
This diversity however, can prove who dress in full Islamic clothing Rib‘ee Ibne Ãmir t, work towards
to have a weakness in the sense when attending university and it delivering mankind from ‘the slavery
that it can provide an ideal cover for can be honestly said that there is of man into the slavery of the Lord
deviant sects bent on spoiling the probably no greater form of giving of man, and from the narrowness
Imãn as well as ideology of Muslims. Da‘wah to both Muslims and non- of this world to the vastness of the
Many students are unaware of these Muslims than this; the full adoption Hereafter.’
sects and are highly impressed by of Islãm. As many of us know Allah May Allah give the writer first and
the seemingly knowledgeable and has commanded us to enter into then the readers the ability and the
sincere words of their protagonists. Islãm totally. This is what I think is inclination to practice what has been
Once again the lack of knowledge needed for the regeneration of the written. May Allah help all students
regarding our authentic scholars and student community. Rather than whether studying in religious or
their achievements causes quite a trying to unify with university culture secular institutes to achieve their
majority of us to feel inferior when Muslims need to be unique, unique goals and cause all of us to attain
faced with such people. both internally in manners and His pleasure and live and die as true
Another point which surprised me character and externally in dress Muslims upon Islãm. Ãmeen.
very much was the little effort that and appearance, and be proud of
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