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‘Describe it to me,’ said Salman. ‘I first person to translate the Quraan Persians spread their knowledge
shall build you a house which if you into a foreign language. and populated the world.
stood up in, the roof would hurt your According to the most reliable
head and if you were to stretch your account, he died in either 31 or
Once Abu Sufyan came to
legs, the wall would hurt them.’ 34 A.H, at the age of 250 years,
Madinah and passed by Salman
Later, as a governor of Al-Madain during the caliphate of Uthman, at
(pbuh), Bilal (RA) and Sohayb (RA).
(Ctesiphon) near Baghdad, Salman Ctesiphon.
The three companions said, ‘Have
received a stipend of five thousand Abu Hurraira (RA) narrates, that
not the swords of Allah beheaded
dhirhams. This he would distribute the Prophet (pbuh) prayed the
this accursed man yet?’ Abu Bakr
as sadaqah. He lived from the work following verse: ‘If ye turn back, He
(RA) upon hearing this said, ‘Do
of his own hands. When some will substitute in your stead another
not say such things of the leader
people came to Madina and saw people, then they would not be like
of Quraish.’ After that, Abu Bakr
him working the palm groves, they you.’ (Q47:38) The Sahabah asked
(RA) went to the Prophet (pbuh)
said, ‘You are the leader here and the Prophet (pbuh), ‘O Prophet
and told him of this conversation.
your sustenance is guaranteed and (pbuh), who are these people that
The Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘Have
yet you do this work?’ Allah has mentioned, that he would
you annoyed these three? If you
‘I like to eat from the work of my chose them instead of us? That they
have, then you have annoyed Allah.’
own hands,’ he replied. Salman will not do as we did?’ The Prophet
Abu Bakr (RA) made haste to the
however was not extreme in his (pbuh) placed his hand on Salman’s
three companions and asked them
ascetism. thigh and said, ‘It will be his people.
whether they took offence on his
It is related that he visited And even if faith is near the Surya
Abu Dardaa with which the (the Pleiads), someone from the
They told him that they had not
Prophet (pbuh) had joined him Persians would attain it.’
and further said, ‘O brother, may
in brotherhood. He found Abu Who were the people of Kufa
Allah forgive you.’ The annoyance
Dardaa’s wife in a miserable state and Iraq? Who was Imaam Abu
of Salman (pbuh) is the annoyance
and he asked, ‘What is the matter Hanifah? They were all Persians.
of Allah. Even the likes of Abu Bakr
with you.’‘Your brother has no The divinely chosen denizens of
(RA) fear to offend him.
need of anything in this world,’ she Kufa were Persians. Their spiritual
It has come in another Hadith that
replied. teachers were Persians and so
the Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘Allah has
When Abu Dardaa came, he were the three about whom the
commanded me to love four men,
welcomed Salman and gave him Prophet (pbuh) said, ‘Paradise
for He too loves them. They are Ali,
food. Salman told him to eat but Abu longs for three people. Ali, Amar and
Abu Dhar, Miqdad and Salman.’It
Dardaa said, ‘I am fasting.’‘I swear Salman.’ (Tirmidhi)
has also ome in a Hadith that, ‘Each
to you that I shall not eat until you Abu Hurraira (RA) narrates in
Prophet had seven helpers and
eat also.’ another Hadith, that the Prophet
protectors, I was given fourteen. Ali,
Salman spent the night there as (pbuh) once prayed the following
Hasan and Hussain, Hamzah, Abu
well. During the night, Abu ad- verse: ‘As well as others of them,
Bakr, Umar, Masaab Ibn Ameer,
Dardaa got up but Salman got hold who have not already joined them.’
Bilal, Salman, Amar, Abdullah Ibn
of him and said, ‘O Abu ad-Dardaa, (Q62:3) The Sahabah asked, ‘O
Masood, Abu Dhar and Miqdad.’
your Lord has a right over you. Your Prophet of Allah (pbuh) , who
This was Salman Farsi (pbuh),
family has a right over you and your are these people,’ The Prophet
the Persian who’s quest for the true
body has a right over you. Give to (pbuh) placed his hand on Salman
faith lasted almost all of his 250
each there due.’ (pbuh) and said, ‘If faith was near
years of life.
Then in the morning, they prayed the Pleiads, then someone from
together and then went out to meet them would attain it.’ (Bukhari and
Darul-uloom Bury
the Prophet (pbuh). The Prophet Muslim)
(pbuh) supported Salman in what he Time bore witness to the
had said. (Bukhari) realisation of the Prophet
Salman as a scholar
(pbuh) words.
As a scholar, Salman was noted
The progeny
for his vast knowledge and wisdom.
of the
Ali (RA) said of him that he was
like Luqman the Wise. And Kab al-
Ahbar said: ‘Salman is bursting with
knowledge and wisdom. He is an
ocean that does not dry up.’ Salman
had knowledge of both the Christian
scripture and the Quraan in addition
to his earlier knowledge of the
Zoroastrian religion. Salman in fact
translated parts of the Quraan into
Persian during the lifetime of the
Prophet (pbuh). He was thus the
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