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religious fi gures, in Mosul, Nisibis up and said, ‘May Allah declare war Prophet , who paid his Jewish
and elsewhere. The last one told on the Aws and the Khazraj (the two master a stipulated price, and who
him that there was none left on the main Arab tribes of Yathrib). By Allah, himself planted an agreed number
earth that were following the correct they are now gathering at Quba to of date palms to secure Salman’s
path. He also told him that the time meet a man, who has just today, manumission. After accepting Islam,
had arrived for the advent of a arrived from Makkah and who claims Salman would say when asked
Prophet in the land of the Arabs, who to be Prophet.’ whose son he was, ‘I am Salman,
would have a reputation for strict Salman felt light-headed upon the son of Islam from the children of
honesty, one who would accept a hearing these words and began to Adam.’
gift but would never consume charity shiver so violently that he had to
Salman’s role in islam:
(sadaqah) for himself. climb down, in fear that he may fall.
Salman was to play an important
Salman’s inclination
He quickly swung down from the tree
role in the struggles of the growing
to the Arabs and Islam:
and spoke to his master’s nephew.
Muslim State. At the battle of
A group of Arab leaders from
‘What did you say? Repeat the
Khandaq, he proved to be an
the Kalb tribe passed through
news for me.’ Salman’s master grew
innovator in military strategy. It
Ammuriyah. Salman asked them
angry at this breach of protocol and
was he who suggested digging a
to take him with them to the land
struck him a terrible blow. ‘What
ditch or khandaq around Madinah
of the Arabs, in return for whatever
does this matter to you’? Go back to
to keep the Quraysh army at bay.
money he had. They agreed to take
what you were doing,’ he shouted.
When Abu Sufyan, the leader of
him along. When they reached Wadi
That evening, Salman took some
the Makkans, saw the ditch, he
al-Qura (a place between Syria and
dates that he had gathered and went
said, ‘This stratagem has not been
Madinah), the Arabs broke their
to the place where the Prophet had
employed by the Arabs before.’
agreement and made him a slave,
alighted. He went to him and said, ‘I
Salman participated in all of the
then sold Salman to a Jew. Salman
have heard that you are a righteous
other campaigns of the Prophet
worked as a servant for him but he
man and that you have companions
thereafter. He was also with Saad in
eventually sold him to a nephew of
with you who are strangers and are
the conquest of Iraq. After the grand
his, belonging to the tribe of Banu
in need. Here is something from me
victory, the Caliph Umar chose him
Qurayzah. This nephew took Salman
as sadaqah. I see that you are more
because of his knowledge of the
with him to Yathrib, the city of palm
deserving of it than others are.’
terrain, to select the land upon which
groves, which is how the Christian at
The Prophet ordered his companions
Kufa was to be built.
Ammuriyah had described it.
to eat but he himself refrained.
Salman became known as ‘Salman
At that time the Prophet was
Salman gathered some more dates
the Good’. Salman was a scholar
inviting his people in Makkah to
and when the Prophet left Quba for
who lived a rough and ascetic life.
Islam but Salman did not know of
Madinah, Salman went to him and
He had one cloak, which he wore
this because of the harsh duties
said, ‘I noticed that you did not eat
and slept on. He would not seek the
slavery imposed upon him. When
of the sadaqah I gave. This however
shelter of a roof but stayed under a
the Prophet reached Yathrib after his
is a gift for you.’ Of this gift of dates,
tree or against a wall. A man once
hijrah from Makkah, Salman was on
both he and his companions ate.
said to him: ‘Shall I not build you a
top of a palm tree doing some work.
The strict honesty of the Prophet
house in which you may live?’ ‘I have
Salman’s master was sitting under
was one of the characteristics that
no need of a house,’ he replied. The
the tree.
led Salman to believe in him
man persisted and said; ‘I know the
A nephew of Salman’s master came
and accept Islam. Salman
type of house that would suit you.’
was released from slavery by the
Hazrat Salman Farsi’s tomb in Madain Iraq
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