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Hazrat Salman
Farsi (R.A.)
This is the story of the pious, mystic, of any other religion. His father had regarding the leading person in the
Faqhi, intellectual and ascetic, kept him in the house away from Christian religion and was directed to
Salman the Persian. He grew up in people. When he heard the voices of the bishop of the church. He went up
the town of Isfahan in Persia, in the the Christians, he entered the church to him and said: ‘I want to become
village of Jayyan. His father was the to see what they were doing. He was a Christian and would like to attach
Dihqan (chief) of the village. He was impressed by their manner of praying myself to your service, learn from
the richest person there and had and felt drawn to their religion. He you and pray with you.’
the biggest house.His father loved said, ‘This religion is better than The bishop agreed and Salman
him, more than he loved any other. ours. I shall not leave them until the entered the church in his service.
As time went by, his love for Salman sunsets.’ Salman soon found out, however,
became so strong and overpowering
Salman’s inclination
that the bishop was corrupt. He
that he feared to lose him or have
to Christianity:
would order his followers to give
anything happen to him. So he kept
Salman asked and was told that the
money in charity while holding out
him at home, a virtual prisoner, in the
Christian religion originated in Syria.
the promise of blessings to them.
same way that young girls were kept.
He did not go to his father’s estate
When they gave the bishop anything
Salman became devoted to the
that day and at night, he returned
to spend in the way of Allah, he
Magian religion, so much so that he
home. His father met him and asked
would hoard it for himself and not
attained the position of custodian of
where he had been. Salman told him
give anything to the poor or needy.
the fire, which they worshipped. His
about his meeting with the Christians
In this way, he amassed a vast
duty was to see that the flames of
and how he was impressed by their
quantity of gold. When the bishop
the fire remained burning and that it
religion. His father was dismayed
died and the Christians gathered
did not go out for a single hour, day
and said: ‘My son, their is nothing
to bury him, Salman told them of
or night.
good in that religion. Your religion
his corrupt practices and, at their
Salman’s father had a vast estate,
and the religion of your forefathers is
request, showed them where the
which yielded an abundant supply
bishop had kept their donations.
of crops. He himself looked after the
‘No, their religion is better than
When they saw the large jars filled
estate and gathered harvest. One
ours,’ he insisted. His father became
with gold and silver they said, ‘By
day as he went about his duties
upset and afraid that Salman would
Allah, we shall not bury him.’ They
as Dihqan of the village, he said to
leave their religion. So he kept
nailed him on a cross and threw
Salman, ‘My son, as you see, I am
Salman locked up in the house and
stones at him. Salman stayed on,
too busy to go out to the estate now.
shackled his feet. Salman managed
in the service of the person who
Go and look after matters there for
to send a message to the Christians,
replaced him. The new bishop
me today.
asking them to inform him of any
was an ascetic who longed for the
On the way to the estate, Salman
caravans going to Syria. Before
Hereafter and engaged in worship
passed a Christian church and
long they contacted him with the
day and night. Salman was devoted
heard voices raised in prayer, which
information he wanted. He broke
to him and spent much of the time in
attracted his attention. He did not
the fetters and escaped his father’s
his company.
know anything about Christianity or,
estate to join the caravan to Syria.
After the new bishop died, Salman
for that matter, about the followers
When he reached Syria, he asked
attached himself to various Christian
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