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it should be regarded as a gift and whosoever goes against his repenting to Allah.
a trust from Allah. Allah expects desires and controls them in this Therefore, the period of youth
us to spend this youth in His delicate period of youth, and is a very delicate and important
worship and obedience, seeking obeys the command of Allah, and period in a Muslim’s life. If spent
knowledge of Islam and acting tries his best to follow the Islamic in the right way his time as a youth
upon it. This in itself is a form of Shariah, in such a time of his life will benefit not only himself but
gratefulness. when his desires are at their peak, also others. By visiting the Masjid,
In a Hadith, the Messenger of then Allah will give him a great attending the gatherings of the
Allah said that the feet of the son reward. scholars of Islam and seeking their
of Adam will not be able to move Once the great Imam Abu advice and knowledge, serving
until he is questioned regarding Hanifah (rahamtullahe alayhe) one’s parents and trying to carry
four things. was giving advice to his student out Allah Taa’la’s orders to the best
Out of these four questions, one Imam Abu Yusuf (rahamtullahe of ability then it is greatly hoped
question asked will be regarding alayhe). He said that in your youth that one will grow up to become
how one spent his time as a youth. you should spend your time in a leader of the Muslim community
In another Hadith, the Messenger seeking Islamic knowledge, and and become the coolness of
of Allah has said that on the Day of thereafter seek a job, and when one’s parents eyes. If wasted by
Judgement, there are seven types you get enough money then you continuously committing sins,
of people to whom Allah will give should get married. disobeying Allah’s commands,
shade to. It is stated in Bukhari Once a pious servant of Allah then it is possible that on the Day
that on the Day of Judgement saw an old man in great pain. of Judgment Allah will reprimand
there will be no shade except for On seeing him in this state, he him regarding this.
Allah’s shade. And from amongst remarked that the old man did not So dear youngster! Realise
these groups, one group will be take care of Allah’s rules in his your value and importance for
those youth who spent their youth youth. Similarly, a wise man once the future fate of the Ummah lies
in the worship of Allah. said that how many old men are in your hands. May Allah guide
The reason being is because there who repent to Allah. How and protect us all on the day of
a youth has many desires, so great would it be to see youngsters Judgement. -
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