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The period of youth
If we examine the life of an average begins to feel as though he has youth is generally what determines
human, we come to realize that control over the whole world, and the way in which this period of
life consists of four periods. that he can do whatever he wishes. his life is spent. If he spends this
Childhood: This usually lasts for His desires are increasing day period of his life in an Islamic
thirteen to fourteen years. The by day becoming attached to the environment, visiting the Masjid for
teenage years which usually lasts opposite sex, he enjoys lustfully the five daily prayers, associating
for six to eight years depending on gazing and flirting with them.. with the pious people and the
when he gets married, (The Period Now, this is that period of his true scholars of Islam, sitting in
of Youth). The third part of his life life that if he was to control his their gatherings, then, it is greatly
is from the time he gets married desires a bit, and sacrifice a hoped that he will spend the rest
until his old age, which usually few of these devilish desires, he of his life in the same way.
lasts for merely twenty to thirty can become a future role-model On the other hand, if the youth
years, and then lastly his old age for Muslims. He can become a stays away from the Masjid and
whose exact time period cannot leader for his community, and the doesn’t associate himself with the
be said with certainty, depending biggest achievement he can gain pious and scholars of Islam, but
on when death takes him. is success in the hereafter. spends his time visiting the pubs/
Now out of these four parts of As being admitted into paradise, clubs, associating himself with girls
an average human life, the most and being saved from the hell and mischievous people, then it is
crucial stage of his life is the period fire, is, in reality truly the greatest most likely that the rest of his life
of youth. The period of youth is a success a person can gain. Allah will be spent in a similar manner,
time when a person goes through has described this as a ‘great away from the Masjid and away
many changes and experiences; success’ in the Holy Qur’an. from Deen, except if Allah wishes
he undergoes and partake many The reason why this period of otherwise.
new things which he has never human life is so important and Just like everything, life is also a
experienced before. The youth crucial is because this period of gift from Allah and every aspect of
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