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Few convictions from UK Terror Laws
The draft of counter-terrorism laws that has dominated
the British government’s legislative programme for the
past seven years has led to few extra convictions of
terrorist suspects, according to the latest official figures.
Statistics compiled from police record by the offices
of the National Coordinator for Terrorist Investigations
list only 41 Terrorism Act convictions up until the end of
March last year out of 1,165 arrests since 2001, less than
three per cent.
In contrast, other legislation including murder and
explosives offences, conspiracies, firearms, grievous
bodily harm and other related offences have produced
183 convictions of terrorist suspects, more than four
times as many.
The figures also show that out of a total of 1,228 arrests
of terror suspects, including those under other legislation,
only 132 has been charged with Terrorism Act offences between September 11, 2001, and March 31, 2007, more
only and 109 with terrorism and other criminal offences. than half were released without any charges.
More were charged under other laws, including 195 Publication of the low percentage rates comes as the
with murder, grievous bodily harms, firearms, explosives, British government is trying to pass a further round of
fraud or false documents, and another 76 were handed counter-terrorism legislation through parliament, including
over to immigration authorities. most controversially, extending pre-charge detentions
Of the total number of terrorist suspects being arrested from 28 days to six weeks.
Quran leaf sells for
world record price
A 7th-century leaf from a Holy Quran 1.87 m.
has set a new world auction record for At the auction, a 10th-
any Islamic manuscript, after fetching century carved-marble
£2.48 million pounds in London. capital from the royal
Christie’s International last month palace of the Arab rulers
reported its biggest-grossing sale of of Spain at Medina Al-
Islamic art, with a 282-lot raising a Zahra, or Cordoba,
total £11.8million, more than double fetched £1.3 m from
upper estimate. an anonymous buyer,
The 36-centimeter vellum leaf, a record for an Islamic
thought to be from Madina, is one stone carving.
of the earliest Quran fragments. The A 16th contrary
price paid by a private anonymous Quran written entirely
collector was nearly 25 times the in Nasta’liq, signed Mir Hussein al-
times its estimated price.
presale lower estimate of £100,000. Sahavi al-Tabrizi, probably from
There was also a large 12th century
The previous world auction record for Tabriz, was sold for £692,500, more
Khorassan silver and copper inlaid
an Islamic manuscript was also set at than double its higher estimate.
bronze ewer from north east Iran,
Christie’s last October, when a Quran Another Iranian manuscript sold
which sold £192,500 and a massive
written in 1203, signed by Yahya bin was a group of Timurid or Aqquyunlu
bronze lampstand from the same area
Muhammad ibn ‘Umar, fetched Dlrs Quran leaves on Chinese paper from
and period, which fetched £180,500,
2,32 m. At the same auction, a 10th- the second half of the 15th century
both more than twice their estimate
century Kufic Quran was sold for Dlrs fetched £300,500, more than six
“I am not a Muslim in the usual sense, though I hope I am a “Muslim” as “one surrendered to God”, but I believe that
embedded in the Quran and other expressions of the Islamic vision are vast stores of divine truth from which I and
other occidentals have still much to learn, and ‘Islam is certainly a strong contender for the supplying of the basic
framework of the one religion of the future.’ - W. Montgomery Watt, Islam & Christianity Today, London, 1983
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