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French Muslim war graves defaced
About 100 police offi cers as a “hateful act” and the cemetery to investigate the
have been sent to investigate “most inadmissible kind of incident.
the incident Vandals have racism”. President Sarkozy has
desecrated 148 Muslim About 78,000 colonial called for the rapid detention
graves in France’s biggest subjects of France, including and punishment of those
WWI cemetery, offi cials many Muslims from North responsible
have said. Africa, died in the war. In a similar attack in April
A pig’s head was hung from The Notre Dame de Lorette 2007, Nazi slogans and
one headstone and slogans war cemetery, near Arras swastikas were painted
insulting Islam and France’s in northern France, is on on about 50 graves in
Muslim justice minister were the site of some of WWI’s the Muslim section of the
daubed on other graves. largest battles. cemetery. Two men were
President Nicolas Sarkozy About 100 police offi cers sentenced to a year in prison
condemned the attack have been sent to the for that act.
UK and Pakistan can
defeat terrorism together
The British Home Secretary, Jacqui tradition.” Smith said.
Smith this month said that the UK Outlining the response to the She remained optimistic that
and Pakistan could defeat the terrorist terrorist threat, the Minister thanked the threat could be defeated by
threat faced by both countries, by the Pakistani authorities for their working together. “Whether terrorists
working together. assistance in investigating several ultimately succeed or not is up to us,
Speaking at the Pakistan National terrorist plots, including the 7/7 London not up to them. They know that. They
Council of the Arts, Ms Smith said bombings in July 2005. But she also worry about it. They are right do so,”
that the two countries had to use called on the people of Pakistan and she said.
those ties to tackle the terrorist threat the UK to play their part by rejecting “We should not forget that we
that they both faced. the terrorists’ ideology, and isolating operate from a position of strength -
Ms Smith said that terrorist plots those who support them. the overwhelming majority of people
in the UK had been traced back to “The majority has to speak out reject terrorism and all it stands for.
Pakistan, and also that the terrorist against the terrorist world view; We want to hear that majority speak
threat to Pakistan had links to the challenge their image; call to account more loudly. Our two countries can
UK. advocates of violence extremism; lead the way.”
“But the great majority of people protect our institutions; and support She underlined the important
from all communities in both our those who are most at risk. But to contribution made to British society
countries fi nd terrorism abhorrent,” do all this the majority has to make by 2 million British Muslims, and
she said, adding, “Terrorism has no itself stronger, more articulate and the close ties between the UK and
place in Islamic thought, teaching or outspoken, more challenging,” Ms Pakistan.
“If greatness of purpose, smallness of means and astounding results are the three criteria of human genius, who
could claim to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad?” Lamartine (Histoire de la Turquie, 1855)
“My choice of Muhammad to lead the best of the world’s most infl uential persons may surprise some readers
and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the
religious and secular levels. Michael H. Hart of USA - 1978
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