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captured the attention of
the Muslim world in the
way that it should”.
The message goes on
to attack the Sudanese
Government for placing
“many obstacles” in the path
of the UN peacekeeping
British Muslims urge Arab
It urges Arab League
ministers to “call for an
League to act over Darfur
end to the obstructions on
the deployment and call
on those countries which
British Muslims last month Arab League ministers, estimates. have the capability to
called on the Arab League meeting at a conference in The Arab League, which offer their own resources
to act over the ongoing Damascus were also urged represents Arab states in and manpower to support
crisis in Darfur. to prove that they are not the Middle East and north this for the protection of
In a letter to the taking “ethnic sides” in the Africa, has come under civilians”.
organisation’s Secretary conflict. criticism from human rights The coalition also calls
General Amr Moussa, a Up to 400,000 people groups for inaction in the on the League’s member
coalition of more than 20 have been killed since face of mass killings. states to “contribute much
Muslim groups, including violence erupted in the The open letter delivered more to the humanitarian
the Muslim Council of Britain region in 2003. Millions to the Arab League last operation” and “put
and the Muslim Association more have been displaced, month to the coalition pressure on all sides to
of Britain, demanded with upwards of 2.5 million stated, “The crisis has cost engage honestly in the
“urgent attention” to the living in refugee camps, the lives of at least 200,000 talks and encourage all
violence in Sudan. according to Western Muslims, yet has not yet sides to show flexibility”.
Muslims urged to focus on education
Muslims should hold color, race and tribe being
steadfast to education if no barrier to learning.
they want to regain their Dr. Majid said the mosque
old glory in science and served as the fundamental
technology, a presenter educational institution of
at the First International the caliph. However, as the
Conference on Arabs and demand for learning grew,
Muslims History of Science the madrassa (modern
in Sharjah University has day college) began to
advised. Presenting a paper appear. Prior to this period
on Islamic Science and education was imparted
Education, Dr. Mohammed in mosques in an informal
Majid has pointed out that manner. At this early stage,
giving priority to education people seeking knowledge
in the past is what enabled tended to gather around
Muslims to make huge certain knowledgeable
degrees, including post- institute.
contributions to science Muslims - sheikhs, and
graduate degrees, and The first universities that
and technology. “It was these sheikhs began to
was the first fully-fledged issued diplomas were
the Abbasids that first hold regular religious
university.” According to also in the Muslim world.
formalized education in education sessions -
the scholar the Islamic According to the scholar,
the Muslim world setting in majlis. “With the creation
form of education, was these were the Bimaristan
motion what is considered of madrassa’s the Jamia
eventually emulated by the medical university
as the golden age of (university) emerged. The
Europeans, of which many hospitals, where medical
Islam by historians, where Guinness Book of World
of the similarities stand diplomas were issued to
substantial development Records recognizes the
till this day. The Muslim students of medicine. Dr
occurred in many scientific University of Al-Karaouine
world also created the Majid also said that the
spheres,” he said. He (Jami’at al-Qarawiyyin)
first public hospital (which madrassas were also the
added that the Abbasids in Fez, Morocco as the
replaced healing temples first law schools, and many
Caliphs attracted to their oldest university in the
and sleep temples) and have suggested that the
courts men of science, world founded in 859,” he
the psychiatric hospital, the “law schools known as
poets, physicians and quipped.
public library and lending Inns of Court in England”
philosophers whom they “Al Azhar University,
library, the academic may have been derived
supported. Learning founded in Cairo, Egypt in
degree-granting university, from the madrassas that
progressed and developed the 10th century, offered a
and the astronomical taught Islamic law and
with differences of creed, wide variety of academic
observatory as a research jurisprudence.
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