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the Muslim woman
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of UAE
The United Arab Emirates her part, Al-Dhahiri thanked
last month got its first the UAE leadership for
woman judge, a job hitherto its confidence in her. “I
reserved for men. will endeavor to perform
UAE President Sheikh my functions with utmost
Khalifa bin Zayed Al- (competence) ... in order to
Nahyan, acting in his provide a successful model
capacity as ruler of Abu of Emirati women working
Dhabi, named Kholoud in the judiciary,” Dhahiri
Ahmad Jouan Al-Dhahiri said adding that the UAE
as a judge in the emirate, women had shown great
the largest in the seven- capability in many fields,
member UAE federation, adding that the judiciary
WAM reported. The move would be another challenge
Prince Salman to launch
made the UAE the second for women.
Arab country in the Gulf The new judge graduated
Haj Encyclopedia
after Bahrain to name a in law and Islamic Shariah
female judge. from UAE University and
Riyadh Governor Prince routes. The encyclopedia
The appointment has been a practicing
Salman ibn Abdul Aziz — which will be illustrated
reflects “the government’s lawyer for eight years.
launched last month a with photographs, paintings keenness to involve women The UAE Cabinet includes
project to develop an and maps — will also in the development drive” four women. Nine women
encyclopedia on the annual include input from several
and “boost their role in also sit on the 40-member
Haj pilgrimage and the historians and researchers,
society,” said Sultan Saaed Federal National Council,
Haram Mosque in Makkah historical documents from
Al-Badi, a senior official of an assembly that advises
and the Prophet’s Mosque the Kingdom and abroad,
Abu Dhabi’s judiciary. For the government.
in Madinah. Fahd Al-Simari, discourse on terminology,
secretary-general of the and the experiences of
King Abdulaziz Museum, pilgrims.
who is heading the project, Al-Simari told Arab
Islam surpasses
said the encyclopedia News that it would also
would shed light on the include material on the
Haj from religious, social, way services provided to
Roman Catholicism
cultural and economic pilgrims throughout the
perspectives. years have developed,
Al-Simari said that Prince and that it would become
as largest religion
Salman would also be an important source for Islam has surpassed Muslim families, as is well
opening an exhibition on research. Roman Catholicism as the known, continue to make
King Abdulaziz and Makkah The project is being world’s largest religion, a lot of children, Christian
at the event, prepared undertaken by the King a Vatican newspaper ones on the contrary tend
by the King Abdulaziz Abdulaziz Museum, the reported last month. to have fewer and fewer,”
Museum. Custodian of the Two “For the first time in the monsignor said.
He said that when finished Holy Mosques Institute for history, we are no longer Formenti said that the
the encyclopedia would Haj Research in Makkah, at the top: Muslims have data refer to 2006. The
document the history of the the Ministry of Haj, the overtaken us,” Monsignor figures on Muslims had
Haj from pre-Islamic times General Presidency for the Vittorio Formenti said in an been put together by
to the present day and detail Two Holy Mosques Affairs, interview with the Vatican Muslim countries and then
the location and situation the Ministry of Higher newspaper L’Osservatore provided to the United
of main cities and pilgrim Education. Romano. Formenti compiles Nations, he said, adding
History makes it clear, however, that the legend of fanatical
the Vatican’s yearbook. that the Vatican could
Muslims sweeping through the world and forcing Islam at
He said that Catholics only vouch for its own
the point of sword upon conquered races is one of the most
accounted for 17.4 percent data. When considering
fantastically absurd myths that historians have ever repeated.
of the world population, a all Christians and not just
De Lacy O’Leary
stable percentage, while Catholics, Christians make
Muslims were at 19.2 up 33 percent of the world
in ‘Islam at the Crossroads,’ London, 1923.
percent. “It is true that while population, Formenti said.
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