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Islam in
History of the same imperialist push Chechens, Circassians, populations.
Islam in Russia
that incorporated the North Ingush, Kabardin, Karachay, The majority of Muslims in
The first Muslims within
Caucasus. Most Muslims living and numerous Dagestani Russia adhere to the Sunni
current Russian territory were
in Russia were the indigenous peoples. Also, in the middle branch of Islam. About 2%
the Dagestani people (region
people of lands long ago of the Volga Basin reside are Shi’a Muslims. In a few
of Derbent) after the Arab
seized by the expanding populations of Tatars and areas, notably Chechnya,
conquests in the 8th century.
Russian empire. Bashkirs, many of whom are there is a tradition of Sunni
The first Muslim state in Russia
The first printed Quran was Muslims. Sufism. The Azeris have also
was Volga Bulgaria (922).
published in Kazan, Russia in Kazan has a large Muslim historically and still currently
The Tatars inherited the
1801. population (probably the been nominally followers of
religion from that state. Later
Another event in the Islam second after Moscow urban Shi’a Islam, as their republic
the most of European and
history of Russia was Wäisi group of the Muslims and the split off from the Soviet Union,
Caucasian Turkic peoples also
movement, which began in biggest indigenous group in significant number of Azeris
became followers of Islam.
the turn of the 20th century. Russia) and is home to the immigrated to Russia in search
Islam in Russia has had a long
The Ittifaq al-Muslimin party Russian Islam University at of work.
presence, extending at least
represented the Muslim Tatarstan. Education is in A record 18,000 Russian
as far back as the conquest of
minority in the State Duma. Russian and Tatar. Muslim pilgrims from all over
the Khanate of Kazan in 1552,
Under Communist rule, Copies of the Quran are the country attended the Hajj
which brought the Tatars and
Islam was oppressed and readily available, and many in Makkah in 2006.
Bashkirs on the Middle Volga
suppressed, Many mosques mosques are being built in Mosque in Ufa, Bashkortostan
into Russia. The lower Volga
were closed at that time. For regions with large Muslim (pictured below)
Muslim Astrakhan Khanate
example, the Marcani mosque
was conquered by the Russian
was the only one acting
empire in 1556.
mosque in Kazan at that time.
The Siberia Khanate was Islam Today
conquered by the Russian Islam is now considered the
empire in 16th century by second largest religion in
defeating the Siberian Tatars Russia and the fastest growing
which opened Siberia for religion in Russia and that
Russian conquest. The ethnic Russians are converting
Crimean Khanate was to Islam in large numbers.
conquered in 1739 by the As of the last census (in
Russian Empire. In the 18th 2002), about 14,340,794
and 19th centuries, Russian million, or 9.8% of Russia’s
conquests in the North population were of any
Caucasus brought the Muslim ethnicity that is historically
peoples of this region— linked with Islam although The
Dagestanis, Chechens, country’s Muslim community
Ingush, and others—into the groups say Muslims make up
Russian state. The conquest 10% of the total population.
of the Circassians and the Demographers predict that by
Ubykhs turned this peoples to 2020 one out of five Russians
muhajirs. will be Muslim.
Further a field, the Muslim communities are
independent states of concentrated among minority
Centrall Asia and Azerbaijan nationalities residing between
were brought into the the Black Sea and the Caspian
Russian state as part of Sea: Adyghe, Balkars,
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