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fulfilled) are accepted invariably, but their and should be given an independent instructed us to ask Allah for all our needs,
acceptance is manifested in either of the status of its own. It should not remain a however petty they may seem to be. He
three below-mentioned ways: Sometimes, mere ritual. sallalahu alayhi wasallam mentioned
Allah immediately answers them and Secondly, one should make du’ã after that even if a person’s shoelaces break,
blesses the seekers with what they have performing all good deeds such as Salãh, he should ask Allah before embarking to
asked for; sometimes He substitutes what recitation of Qur’ãn, zikr etc., and also fix obtain new ones.
they have asked for with something that a specific time especially for du’ã. In du’ã, Finally, one should not ask for anything
in His Knowledge was better for them; or one should adopt humility and ensure unlawful. Many young people do not
alternatively, through the blessings of the that one understands what is being realise this and by asking for impermissible
du’ã, He removes an impending calamity asked. The time spent in du’ã should be things incur the displeasure of Allah.
that was to befall them. At times, neither gradually lengthened. In the initial stages, May Allah give us all the tawfeeq to turn
of the above may transpire, but on such the same du’ãs can be repeated over and to Him for all our needs and may He fulfil
occasions, the du’ã is treasured for the over, and in the meantime more and more all our lawful needs of this world and the
Hereafter. These unanswered du’ãs will du’ãs should be memorised. An effort Hereafter. Ãmeen.
bear so much reward that a person, on should be made to learn those du’ãs in
the Day of Qiyãmah, will wish that none particular which encompass the general by Shaykh Muhammed
of his du’ãs were accepted in the world. need of all the Muslims. Saleem Dhorat
(Kanzul ‘Ummãl) Thirdly, when making du’ã, a person (Islamic Dawah Academy)
Abstaining from harãm (clothing, should have a firm faith that he is asking
food, income, etc.) is another essential from Allah the All-Powerful, and He is able
If you want to send in
requisite for the acceptance of du’ã. The to fulfil every need of ours. The chances
Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam once of being cured from a fatal illness, for
your articles and get them
made mention of a person who travels instance, may seem remote but it should
published in Passion
widely, his hair dishevelled and covered be believed from the depths of the heart
with dust. He lifts his hands towards the that Allah is able to cure any illness if He so
Islam or get involved with
sky (and thus makes the supplication): wished. Dr. ‘Abdul Hay ‘Ãrifi rahmatullahi Passion Islam email us on
“O Lord, O Lord,” then the Prophet alayh (a renowned saint) used to say,
sallalahu alayhi wasallam said, “But his ‘Does there exist any problem that cannot
diet is unlawful, his drink is unlawful, his be solved through du’ã?’, and then he
clothes are unlawful and his nourishment would say ‘How can there, when du’ã is a
log onto
is unlawful. How then can his supplication request made to Allah for the removal of
be accepted?” (Muslim) problems and there is no problem on earth
By keeping the following few points in whose removal is beyond His ability.’
and add your comments,
mind concerning du’ã, inshã’allah, one One should ask Allah for both worldly
will benefit greatly. Firstly one should needs and those of the Hereafter.
contribute and lots more.
remember that du’ã is an act of worship Rasoolullah sallalahu alayhi wasallam has
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