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The importance of Du’aa
Du’ã is asking Allah for help or for the is an act which is usually free from any we would inevitably have found enjoyment
fulfilment of a particular need. It expresses trace of pride. in confiding in Him and beseeching Him.
a slave’s helplessness and dependence Nowadays, du’ã has become a mere We would have always felt an eagerness
on Allah, the All-Powerful and Merciful. ritual. It has become a routine practice to turn to Him, in open and in solitude.
It is the channel through which one gets which one is accustomed to perform at Many of us make du’ã half-heartedly,
directly in touch with one’s Creator. certain times of the day. People raise not convinced whether our demands will
The purpose of man’s creation is their hands for a few moments at the be answered or not. We should know
worship and according to a Hadeeth, time of du’ã, uttering a few words, some that Allah always answers the du’ãs
‘Du’ã is the essence of worship’. (Tirmizi) consciously, and some without even of people. However, it may not always
And according to another Hadeeth, ‘Du’ã realising what they are asking for. seem so and many people, failing to
is the worship’. (Tirmizi) Today hardly anybody resorts to du’ã experience the effects immediately, begin
Just as Salãh, Sawm, Zakãh, Hajj etc. for solutions to their problems. For to feel dejected and put off. This, however,
are acts of worship, du’ã too is an act of most people du’ã is a devotion which should not be the case, as Allah, the All-
worship. Therefore just as one takes out is the most difficult to practise. Even at Hearing, undoubtedly hears and accepts
time to pray Salãh or to recite the Qur’ãn the blessed places and in the blessed the supplications of people, only that the
or make zikr, similarly, according equal moments, a short while occupied by du’ãs du’ãs of some are answered immediately,
importance to du’ã, one should also take will seem like hours. By and large, we whilst those of others are deferred for
out sufficient time for the sake of du’ã. find that the engagement in Salãh or the their own benefit.
The objective behind every act of recitation of the Qur’ãn is relatively easier One should keep in mind that the
worship is the Recognition of Allah as the than making du’ã. This only reflects our acceptance of du’ãs also depends on
Creator and the All-Powerful, and that distance from the Being of Allah, as du’ã the expectations of a person. Allah deals
one acts according to His Will and not as is the only act of worship which provides with people in accordance with what
one likes. A Servant us with the opportunity to communicate they expect of Him. In one Hadeeth, the
of Allah accepts his weaknesses and with Allah in the manner we wish. Lack Prophet sallalahu alayhi wasallam has
recognises his need for Allah. Out of all of concentration in this act of worship related the following Statement of Allah:
devotions, this humbleness and total shows that the performance of other ‘I treat my servant as he expects of me…’
submission is best expressed in du’ã. acts of worship are also customary and (Bukhãri, Muslim)
Furthermore, other acts of worship can superficial, and lacking the true essence. The Ahãdeeth also tell us that du’ãs
become a source of pride whilst du’ã If we truly enjoyed the Proximity of Allah, (provided that their requisites have been
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