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no hour of the night would pass without prayed: “O Lord, forgive the Amir al- on you as you cared for me when I was
ibadah, dhikr and Salat. Muminin.” Subsequently, Umar asked him small,” and she would reply: “May God
During the caliphate of Umar, Umar to become governor once again but he have mercy on you as you delivered me
appointed him as governor of Bakrain. declined. Umar asked him why he refused from error when I was old.” Abu Hurayrah
Umar was very scrupulous about the and he said: “So that my honor would not always encouraged other people to
type of persons whom he appointed as be besmirched, my wealth taken and my be kind and good to their parents. One
governors. He was always concerned back beaten.” And he added: “And I fear day he saw two men walking together,
that his governors should live simply and to judge without knowledge and speak one older than the other. He asked the
frugally and not acquire much wealth even without wisdom.” younger one: “What is this man to you?”
though this was through lawful means. Throughout his life Abu Hurayrah “My father,” the person replied.
In Bahrain, Abu Hurayrah became quite remained kind and courteous to his “Don’t call him by his name. Don’t walk
rich. Umar heard of this and recalled mother. Whenever he wanted to leave in front of him and don’t sit before him,”
him to Madinah. Umar thought he had home, he would stand at the door of her advised Abu Hurayrah.
acquired his wealth through unlawful room and say: As-salaamu alaykum, Muslims owe a debt of gratitude to
means and questioned him about where yaa ummataah, wa rahrnatullahi wa Abu Hurayrah for helping to preserve
and how he had acquired such a fortune. barakatuhu, peace be on you, mother, and transmit the valuable legacy of the
Abu Hurayrah replied: “From breeding and the mercy and blessings of God.” She Prophet, may God bless him and grant
horses and gifts which I received.” “Hand would reply: “Wa alayka-s salaam, yaa him peace.
it over to the treasury of the Muslims,” bunayya, wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu He died in the year 59 AH when he was
ordered Umar. - And on you be peace, my son, and the seventy-eight years old. - MuslimAccess.
Abu Hurayrah did as he was told and mercy and blessings of God.” Often, he com
raised his hands to the heavens and would also say: “May God have mercy
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