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IMWS Emergency Appeal
England to become
most overcrowded
Burma Cyclone Nargis
country in Europe
England is set to become
the most overcrowded major
country in Europe with the
population expected to
increase by a third over the
next 50 years, it was predicted
last month.
The forecast that the
population density in England,
which is already almost double
the level in Germany, comes
as the British government was
announcing new rules to control
the number of skilled migrants
from outside the European
Economic Area working in the
Figures from the Office for
National Statistics projected
that England’s 50 million
population will rise to 68 million
by 2056, but the density would
vary around the country.
Nationally, the present
average of 1,010 people per
There are more than 22,000 speeds of 120mph (193km/h), Muslim charity organisation
square mile (390 per sq km) was
people have died, and up to destroying buildings and fields, based in Batley, West
expected to rise to 1,349 over
40,000 have been reported toppling trees and washing Yorkshire.
the next 50 years, but London
missing, after the devastating away roads in the vital rice- Account name: IMWS
was forecast to increase from
cyclone that struck Burma. growing area of the Irrawaddy charity A/C , Bank Name:
12,377 people per square mile
Aid agencies in the country delta, and flattening shanty Lloyds TSB, Bank Account
to 13,910 within just the next
have reported scenes of utter towns and downing power and no: 1333783 sort code:
20 years.
devastation, with corpses phone lines in the sprawling 30-90-57
The biggest increases
still littering the rice fields port city of Rangoon, Burma’s
elsewhere are expected
and desperate survivors former capital and home to 5 I.M.W.S. Al-Hikmah Centre,
in eastern and south west
without food or clean drinking million people. 28 Track Road, Batley
England. Rises in the UK’s
water, either without shelter Your Financial Help Is West Yorkshire, WF17 7AA
present 60 million are also
or crammed into broken Urgently Needed! Donations Tel: 01924 500 555
predicted in Northern Ireland
buildings. will be sent via Ummah email:
and Wales, but the population
Cyclone Nargis ripped across Welfare Trust and need to be
of Scotland is likely to stay
Burma’s agricultural heartland forwarded directly to Indian Registered Charity No.
around the same level.
with violent winds that reached Muslim Welfare Society a local 1067746
Currently, the most densely
populated countries in Europe
First Muslim Police Association
are the Netherlands followed by
Belgium, but both have much
less people, 16 m and 10 m
created in Scotland
respectively. But of comparable
size, England is already four
Strathclyde Police last month also with tackling institutional association wanted “to times the population density of
welcomed the creation Islamophobia within their own highlight some of the positive
of Scotland’s first Muslim police forces. things Islam can provide to the
The opposition Conservative
Police Association, which is The formation of the communities and not just the
Party, which obtained the
aimed to tackle the rise of association in Scotland comes police services,” Shakoor was
figures, called for more tariffs
Islamophobia. despite their only being quoted saying by the BBC. He
on migration, warning that the
“The formation of the Muslim around 31 Muslim officers in also suggested it would help to
recent influx was putting real
Police Association is a positive Strathclyde’s 7,000 strong recruit more Muslim officers. -
pressure on public services.
step,” said the chief constable force, which is based around -IRNA
Before the recent boost of
of Scotland’s biggest police Glasgow, and some 30,000
immigrants, demographers
force, Steve House. “These Muslims living in the region
forecast that the UK’s
population was likely to stablise
are officers who are positive that make up a mere 1.5
before declining due to the
about seeing the police force percent of the population.
falling birth rate.
as a career and want to use Police constable Amar
Most concerns are about the
their association to reach out Shakoor, Scotland’s first
inevitable consequences of
to Muslims,” House said. Muslim officer, said there had
less space, more costly land,
The formation follows the been recent negativity directed
smaller but more expensive
creation of a Muslim Police towards the Muslim
homes, congested travelling,
Association in England, which overburdened health services,
has been reported to quite community, which is being oversubscribed schools and
successful, not only within treated with suspicion and the environmental impact on
the Muslim community, but increased scrutiny. The
limited resources.
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