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Wings Across America’s
Timeline of WASP History
Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII
Written by WASP Deanie Parrish


SEPTEMBER 28 President Franklin D. Roosevelt confers with Brigadier Gen. Henry “Hap” Arnold re
danger of war with Nazi Germany. Germany has 8000 combat aircraft. US. less than 800 (over 700
are obsolete). President Roosevelt orders production of 11,000 new combat-ready aircraft.

SEPTEMBER 29 General Arnold named Chief of Staff, Air Corps (1,650 officers, 16,000 enlisted).
Orders civilian flying schools established to train Air Corps Cadets to fly military aircraft.


SEPTEMBER 28 America's most famous woman pilot, Jacqueline Cochran, contacts America’s First
Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt. Suggests women could fly non-combat stateside military missions and
release male pilots for combat, if need arises.


MAY Nancy Harkness Love, prominent woman pilot, contacts Col. Olds, Ferrying Command:
'Civilian women pilots with over 1,000 hours could ferry aircraft and relieve male commercial pilots
for military duties'. Gen Arnold rejects idea.

SEPTEMBER 15 FIRST peacetime draft in history enacted by Congress.
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