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The question is, should
we invest in Diamonds?
by Bradley Phillips,
Bradley CDG (HRD)
The answer: a Diamond Grading report, has its stated quality based only on the
Diamonds like art, are a commodity that is gaining attention as word of the seller. Since each Diamond is unique, a certificate will
an alternative investment. As stock markets fall, increases in the help you identify the special characteristics of your Diamond.
price of the rarest Diamonds are attracting wealthy investors and Accuracy of the Certificate depends on who is certifying or grading
structured funds. The Diamond market, like the art market, is the Diamond and in Europe, the Antwerp Diamond High Council
based on individual transactions. At the top end of the scale, five (HRD) is the topmost authority in Diamond grading. A Diamond
years ago, dealers were paying $70,000 per carat for colourless Grading Report guarantees that the stone examined is indeed a
Diamonds of 10 carats or more – now they are paying over real Diamond and has complete information about the Diamond
$200,000 per carat. With demand for large stones continuing, and contains a full and detailed quality description, focussing on
this trend has made investment in Diamonds a viable option – the exactness of the 4C’s. If your jeweller is stating a colour of
following the example of gold and platinum. Like gold and G/H, it means that the stone is not certified. A true certified stone
platinum, Diamonds are certainly a commodity – they are a would either have a colour of G or H. Also be aware that if you are
natural resource with limited supply. Because the Diamond buying a stone of a certain size, if it doesn’t come with a
market is so regulated, there is little or no risk of supply certificate, then you should ask yourself “why”.
outstripping demand meaning that prices and value will continue
to hold making them a wise investment. A cautionary warning though about purchasing Diamonds on the
Internet. So many times I have been asked by people whether
Diamonds are often associated with being precious, beautiful and the Diamonds or jewellery they have bought online is worth the
a token of love. Always ask yourself why you are buying the price - or even real in the case of Diamonds. The infamous
Diamond or piece of jewellery. Is it because you will get pleasure saying – if it’s too good to be true then it is, comes to mind!
from owning, wearing or giving it – in which case, the reward for The material that is most often used in creating synthetic
your investment will be the value of the pleasure you get. If you (“fake”) Diamonds is Cubic Zirconia but the most convincing is
are buying it purely as an investment, the pleasure could be of Moissanite (silicon carbide). In fact, some jewellers cannot tell
the thought of the profit you are accumulating while the item is the difference but as a Diamond Grader, I am able to clearly spot
stored safely away. Purchased at the right price, they most the difference. In some cases, Diamonds have come with a
certainly retain their value and will increase in fake Certificate so make sure your certificate is from a
value over time. Unlike other investments, reputable laboratory, such as HRD.
an investor has 100% direct ownership of
a portable tangible asset of proven value. It is always advisable to buy your Diamonds or
Diamond jewellery from a reputable and
Buying a Diamond should be based on the right knowledgeable jeweller. Look for those who
knowledge, as they come in many qualities. are members of trade associations such as
Diamond prices vary widely depending on a The British Jewellers Association and The
Diamond’s characteristics known as the 4C's - cut, colour, clarity National Association of Goldsmiths. You should
and carat weight. The quality of a Diamond is measured by its always aim to purchase a Certified Diamond,
cut, colour and clarity. The carat weight measures the size of especially one certified by an accredited Diamond laboratory.
the Diamond. Of all the 4C's, cut is the characteristic directly
influenced by man - colour, clarity and carat weight are all Bradley Phillips
dictated by nature. Bradley Phillips CDG (HRD) is the Managing Director and owner
of Bradley CDG (HRD). Bradley is a Certified Graduate and a
Should you buy a Certified Diamond? member of the Antwerp Diamond High Council (HRD) -
A Certified Diamond comes with a Diamond Grading Report by Belgium’s topmost authority in Diamond Grading. A member of
an accredited Diamond laboratory. This report assures the The National Association of Goldsmiths and The British
customer that the Diamond is independently recognised as Jewellers Association, Bradley has recently received a Platinum
possessing all the qualities specified by that report. On the Guild International Recommended Retailer award for 2008/09 –
other hand, an uncertified Diamond that is not accompanied by the first awarded in the Channel Islands.
20/20 fifty eight
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