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A unique approach!
by Jasmine Brochet & Graeme Mauger,
Light and Shade.
As a small family owned and operated business, we clients’ requirements and allows us the opportunity to
are involved in the complete process of helping our recommend combinations of colours and finishes that
clients select the products that are correct for them, the client may not have imagined. So, if you require a
right through to delivery and overseeing installation metallic silver solid wood pedestal dining table, or a
on large projects. wardrobe in high gloss black with a pink highlight,
come and speak with us.
When dealing with Light & Shade Interiors, our clients
know that they are going to be talking to either We are happy to sell display stock off the floor rather
Graeme or Jasmine, so we have nowhere to hide! than make a client wait for delivery from the supplier.
This has the added benefit of allowing us to replace
The process of selecting the correct light fitting is not with something different, which is important in a
straightforward. There are many different criteria small market where you do not want to be
that need to be met, and the customer does not seeing the same product in other peoples’
always realise this. With furniture the homes.
challenges are in choosing the correct finish,
colour combinations, fabric matches and We do not follow what other lighting and
configurations of size and useable space. furniture stores are supplying, we want our
showroom to be different and therefore we do,
By dealing with manufacturers, we can offer our sometimes, go out on a limb and buy in something
clients options that they would not otherwise have. that will make people take notice, one example of this
Not that we can satisfy every request, there are was a 2 metre tall multi coloured ceramic Cactus!
sometimes reasons both of manufacture or cost that
prohibit offering a completely bespoke service, but we We also try to steer clear of trends and fashion, what
are always prepared to enquire. is seen as fashionable now, does not ensure classic
status in the future. But contemporary design can be
We have built up close working relationships with the classical, and we see a lot of “reworking” of classic
majority of our manufacturers over a period of years, designs, resulting in a more modern appearance.
which is reinforced by our attendance at major
exhibitions and factory visits. Having an understanding Colour makes a huge difference to the general
of the manufacturing process also helps us to appearance of a product, a traditional design can be
develop ideas from existing models. made contemporary by using a bold colour and
more modern designs can be toned down by the
One example of this is two bespoke ceiling light use of darker finishes.
fixtures that we developed for a client using
components from two existing ranges. From an To summarise, if our clients strive to have
idea seen in a picture in a magazine, we something unusual, speak to us because we
designed the two units, amalgamating the are different and we can help to make your
components from the existing fittings, which home look special.
the manufacturer then constructed. Our
customer now has two unique fittings! One company that I have always
admired for their different approach to
One furniture manufacturer that we work design and construction is Lotus Cars,
with can produce nearly 1300 different for their latest model, the Evora, they have
finishes on each piece of their furniture. To adopted the tag line “True character in a
some, this would be too much to contend with, faceless world”, I wish I had thought of that
but this enables us to tailor the furniture to the one!
20/20 fifty two
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