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by Nick Taylor,
Jersey Squash Club
4) Do you think that will give the children now have over 300 day time players. We are
enough interest to continue? setting up some morning racketball sessions at
I think it will, but just in case it doesn’t we are Jersey Squash club where people can come
delivering after-school programmes at Jersey and try the sport and have a cup of tea or
Squash Club on Tuesday and Saturday coffee and have a chat.The long term aim is to
mornings. Fort Regent are going to deliver get more people trying the sport, get them
some family squash/racketball sessions and Les healthier and fitter, and then launch a league.
Quennevais are delivering two after-school Racketball appeals to the older generation and
programmes a week. As well as the after- squash to our younger...a good combination!
school programme, in May 2009 we are
& Answers
launching the Jersey Junior Squash League; 7) Where do you place Jersey with
every primary school will enter a team of 4 regards to the squash level?
with Nick
players to compete every month at Jersey Well for an Island that’s 9 miles x 5 miles we
Squash Club for the prestigious Jersey Junior have 15 courts which is fantastic. Our level
League Trophy. This will definitely get the kids of top players would be somewhere in the
excited! We had great success in Manchester first division of the teams in the UK.We are
through the Junior League and produced a going to take a team to the 2010
Former World number 14 and the world’s
British Number One. I came through the junior Commonwealth Games. But it’s frustrating
best player at O’35 level, newly appointed
league in the 1980s so I know it works! for me as I feel our top players could be
Director of Squash Nick Taylor talks to
better, but when I sit back and realise that
20/20 magazine about his future plans for
5) You just mentioned Racketball, what is that? these guys have full time jobs and most of
Jersey squash.
Racketball is the fastest growing racket sport them families they do really well. I have not
in the country. Squash has just been voted by met more passionate squash players and I
1) Welcome to Jersey, so what are your Forbes magazine in the U.S.A as the have travelled all over the World playing
plans for squash on the Island? “healthiest sport to play in the World” as squash.We also have the Bedell Group who
My first plan was to decide the structure for measured by “cardio-vascular endurance, have supported squash for the past 3 years
squash on the Island; this is really and without them I would not be here.
important for me as everyone who Steve Law, the president of Jersey
plays squash in Jersey needs to have Squash, is as passionate if not more so
opportunities/exit routes. So if we have than me and that’s saying something! I
a young player who’s aim it is to be the think we have the ingredients to
best player in the country, we can give produce some serious squash players
him that opportunity.We need to have here and at the moment I don’t see too
consistent sessions available, enough many obstacles.
competition and the chance to play
players off the Island as well, but we 8) But so many of the kids here play
also have the players who just want to various sports, how are you
move up a division in their league and going to attract them to squash?
we also cater for that. I do individual This is going to take between 3 – 5 years
sessions to any standard and we also but we will get there. When we started
have some great level 2 coaches as the squash development plan in
well. Manchester we were working in some of
the most deprived areas of the country
2) How are you going to get more and with Manchester United on one side
children interested? and Manchester City on the other
Jersey squash is delivering squash everyone laughed when we said we were
festivals to most primary schools starting a squash development
through on-site squash sessions with England muscular strength, muscular endurance, programme, but we got 12,500 kids playing
Squash rebound nets and balls. Every child in flexibility and calories burnt”. Racketball is not squash! It continues to be the biggest squash
school (about 300) will get a chance to much different but it’s easier to get used to development programme in the UK if not the
experience squash and I hope they will get and people tend to pick it up easier. I think it’s World! Most countries who play squash or
the bug! better than going to the gym and you meet want to develop the sport come and look at
new friends as well. Manchester. I am hoping that will soon be
3) But how do they continue after that Jersey!
one day activity? 6) So what are your plans for Racketball
I have secured funding through England then?
Nick is available for Squash & Racketball
Squash and the Bedell Group to provide Well, like any squash club in the UK, squash
coaching at Jersey Squash Club.
every school who signs up to the festivals courts are only busy from 5.30pm onwards
Standard fees are £25 for 45 minutes but
mini-squash nets, rackets and balls to a value with hardly any usage through the day.
as a special offer this Christmas if you buy
of £500 to continue to deliver on-site Because racketball appeals more to the over
10 lessons you get one free!
squash sessions. I am also an England Squash 50s, housewives and retired people they have
qualified tutor so I will be qualifying 2 more time to play in the day. There is a squash
Call Nick on:
teachers per school to continue the club in the UK that 3 years ago nearly shut
Telephone: 07797 747034
morning, lunch time or after school sessions. down, but they introduced racketball and they
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