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by Graeme Mauger,
Jersey Kart & Motor Club
MSA and the full National B kart
licence is sent to the competitor.
All forms of motor sport can be
dangerous and safety is always the
greatest concern. Understanding the
flags and signals is crucial, reacting in
the correct manner to these signals is
Karting offers
even more important.
an exciting
There is a lot for a youngster to learn
and the more they compete with
each other, the more their
sport for Kids
development becomes apparent. At the
they are able to negotiate the track confidently
speeds they are racing at our track, they have
finding the correct racing line and braking
to learn awareness of their fellow competitors
points for themselves and begin to go faster. In
and how they race, respect for their safety and
Kart Racing is by many considered the entry
a short space of time they have developed a
determination, but equally they learn
level, for four wheels, in motor racing and
skill and shown their commitment to the sport.
communication with their peers.
given the vast number of current Formula 1
drivers who learnt their trade in Karts,
In addition to the driving, the Cadets also have
The Jersey Kart & Motor Club needs a
motor sport enthusiasts accept that it is a
to learn track craft. This starts with
permanent track to be able to promote the
serious sport and a fantastic training ground.
understanding the flags used on the circuit and
sport of Kart Racing, to enable our existing
how they have to respond to them. The flags
drivers to further develop their skills through
Children can start competitive Kart racing
are the same as in Formula One and are an
practice and competition against a wider range
from the age of eight, which can be quite a
essential safety feature as they tell the
of competitors and in this vein the Club is
daunting prospect for parents, in karts which
competitor where and when there is danger.
looking to arrange practice and race days at
are capable of speeds of up to 55mph and if
Also, there is the aspect of starting to
UK tracks in 2009 for its members, due to the
you think that is scary for the children, think of
understand how the kart works, basic set up
restricted number of race days permitted to us
the parents! Let me put this into perspective.
and dynamics. As parents we have to rely on
and the limited scope for practice in Jersey.
feedback from the children to make changes to
Here in Jersey, we parents purchase a Kart, join
their karts, even an eight year old is quick to
The non-competing members of the Club
the Jersey Kart & Motor Club and buy an MSA
blame Dad if something goes wrong, I know!
have a huge commitment to helping the
(Motorsport Association) ARKS pack, which
competitors and supporting the Club,
includes the trainee competitor Licence
When the child has reached their required lap
especially in the drive for a purpose built,
application and a full set of Regulations. The
time, they take a test conducted by the ARKS
permanent track.With a permanent track, the
child is then taken up to the track, and under
examiner to test that they understand the flags
Club would be able to establish a racing
the instruction of the Motor Sport Association
and the basic safety requirements. Passing the
academy and through bursaries offer Karting
Club ARKS Examiner, begins to learn to drive.
test allows them to apply for their race licence
opportunities to children who would not,
The children learn very quickly, the first lesson
after which they can enter the local
otherwise be able to experience the thrill and
usually being, “it is not as easy as it looks” and
championship events. For the first six races
discipline of the sport or be given the
that real life is nothing like their computer
they start the heats from the back of the grid
opportunity to become
game. As a newcomer, the children are Novice
(the position they finish a heat determines their
involved in a sport
Cadets, and drive the track with other Novices
position for the final) under the watchful eye of
that requires
until they are able to lap the track in a
the MSA officials, who sign off the licence after
predetermined time, within a few seconds of
each Meeting and with the sixth signature the
& commitment.
the Cadets Championship race times. Soon
competitors licence then goes back to the
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