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E-Fusion 2008
Glen Daraskevich and Barry Rabkin
on Technology-Based Underwriting
Insurers are using technology to provide new forms of underwriting data and
capabilities. Glen Daraskevich of Karen Clark and Company and Barry Rabkin
of Financial Insights outline new and coming uses for GPS, advanced mapping
analysis, onsite data collection and other technologies.
McDONALD: This is the second E-Fusion pre-
sentation in our 2008 series. We’re very happy to
be joined today by two people who are extremely
knowledgeable about insurance and about under-
writing and about technology. We’re going to hear
in a minute from Glen Daraskevich. He’s with
Karen Clark and Co. and if a lot of people aren’t
familiar with the company, Karen, of course, started
AIR and has been very active in the risk modeling
and metrics-based underwriting movement in insur-
ance. They have some exciting new things they’re
doing. It’s kind of a second-generation, beyond risk
modeling that they’re talking about here. Barry
Rabkin is a long-time insurance veteran and senior
analyst at Financial Insights, an IDC company.
Welcome Glen and Barry.
Our series started last Wednesday with a pre-
sentation by Matt Josefowicz and Jeff Goldberg.
Matt is with Novantas and Jeff is with Celent. That
was about redefining the economic value of IT. I
thought it was a very good discussion from some
angles I hadn’t considered. TINNIRELLO: Sure, Lee. Last week as you point-
ed out, we had the session about the economic
TINNIRELLO: I agree, Lee, I think it started value of IT. This week we went more specific about
with the underlying value, which is key to the technology-based underwriting. Underwriting is
whole part of the conference that we’re propos- one of the key areas in the insurance marketplace
ing and today’s discussion is going to be an exten- that really benefits from technology and the eco-
sion to that. nomic leveraging of using technology becomes
very apparent. I think that our presentations today
McDONALD: Paul, can you talk for a second are certainly going to key on those topics and those
about why we chose this topic and what we found, points and I look forward to learning a little bit
some of the things we’d like to address what we more about what is happening in the underwriting
thing we’re going to see? world as using the technology to really drive the
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