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I want to give my
home a new look.
How do I do it?
Light & Shade
Where do you start and what is the most effective way contemporary colour or finish, or a contemporary design in
of achieving your goal? a more traditional finish or material, this allows for
changes around these items at a later date with more
Generally, people start with the fixed decoration, wall flexibility.
coverings, flooring and curtains. Furniture follows, with The balance of colour against size is very important,
lighting and then accessories being the finishing touches. especially in modern homes with smaller rooms. Larger
We advocate a different approach. It is not always possible pieces of both furniture and lighting can be used in pale
to find the correct furniture and lighting to physically fit colours, and glass allows light to pass through, giving the
into rooms if a specific direction has been taken. Once the impression of more space. With crystal chandeliers,
style has been chosen, flooring, wall covering and curtains generally something larger than a metal equivalent can be
can be made to fit. This may not be possible with furniture, used, as the crystal does not appear as such a solid object.
lighting or mirrors. Mirrors can also be used to enhance the feeling of space
and once again the balance between proportion and shape
With furniture items, certain styles will only work in is hugely important. Try to avoid too many parallel lines as
specific size or colour configurations, different finishes can this can give the impression of lower ceilings and smaller
make a dramatic difference on the impact of a piece of spaces.
furniture in a room. Shape is important again, to the way a
piece of furniture fits into a room, impacting on the feel of In more contemporary homes, injecting colour from light
space in the area, as can the position. sources can also be an interesting way of changing the
Fixed lighting also, and to a greater degree, requires great look. This can be achieved with static coloured lamps,
consideration. The basic criteria are style, illumination and through to programmable colour changing LED, allowing
proportion, achieving the correct balance between these cycling colour mixing and set static colours of your choice
three elements will result in the perfect result. through a range of around 1 million different colour
Also placing new pieces of furniture or lighting in an combinations. This can be achieved from the comfort of
existing room setting can create a new look without having your armchair by remote control!! In addition to fixed
to change each of the other elements. installations, table lamps and wall panels are available and
So, in the initial stages of giving your home a new look, one added benefit of LED lighting in general is the
start with the elements that need to be created to serve a extremely low running cost. With good LED light sources,
function, not those that can be made to fit. there are possibilities in commercial applications and areas
where access or heat are issues as they have an extremely
In terms of the economics of the exercise, you will probably long life expectancy and produce little heat.
spend a greater amount on a piece of furniture, and You can easily refresh the look of a room by adding or
therefore expect to have the furniture for longer (which changing around accessories. Floor and table lamps,
makes better financial & ecological sense), so you have to pictures, sculptures, vases and floral arrangements can all
look for shape and colour combinations that are not too be used to give a subtle change to the look of a room and
specific, so that they can be incorporated into future can be used to inject some vibrant colours if the main
possible changes to flooring, wall covering and curtains. decoration is neutral.
The same applies for lighting, you do not want to spend
money on a fashionable design that will date very quickly, The days of one shape of dining table in one finish and a
and therefore date the whole of your decoration. fabric lampshade on the ceiling are thankfully long gone,
Contemporary classic is the key. For both furniture and you have a blank canvas and an infinite palette, get
lighting look for either a classic shape in a more creating!
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