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INVESTMENT 20/20 advertising feature
Investing in Service
and Experience.
Diamondology Everyone has credit, so consumers can
go and splash out...
So when you see a diamond ring in on holiday and ultimately if they
a window, it is easy to buy now, pay recommend their experience to others. So
later. Then the beautiful ring arrives what is the buying experience in the
on the finger of the one you love diamond industry? A friendly smile? A
what else do you see other than a complimentary cappuccino? Or is it that
brilliant array of rainbow colours feeling that whenever you look at that
and flashes of bright white light. piece, be it 30 years in the future, you still
Credit means we can buy diamonds, feel that same buzz as when you first wore
so what is going to create that extra it and the excitement is still exactly the
memorable and personal buying same.
experience? The buying experience
that is going to add immeasurable So how do you get this buzz of choosing
value that no money could buy. the diamond that is going to deliver that
How is this done with diamonds, feeling in 30 years time and generations to
and is it important? come? That is where we come in. Firstly
think about the main feature, the diamond.
This last point is the most important By learning the international grading scale
of all. With the advent of the internet of the 4C’s you’ll be sure of knowing
anyone can learn the 4C’s (the exactly what grade of diamond and where
diamond grading scale) and prices the value of that diamond has come from.
can be compared in an instant with Then by choosing a certificated diamond
the back up of certificate information. issued by one of the foremost diamond
Because of these changes this grading labs in the world you have extra
industry has had to face up to security for insurance and impartiality.
inevitable change over the past 10
years, and in turn this industry has The above is great but where is the
evolved. romance and where is the excitement in all
this paperwork? And again this is what
With ever-wiser consumers and ever- makes us unique, we would meet you in
decreasing margins where does this our private Viewing Office as many times
leave the diamond buying as it takes in the process of finding this
experience? Ultimately it suffers. perfect piece. We would discover what you
Which is no good for those who are would like to design and what grade of
going to spend their hard earned diamond is going to give you exactly what
money on the one they love, making you want. After searching the best cutting
one the biggest statements and houses in the world you would come and
investments of their feelings. Not to view a selection of beautiful diamonds in
mention it is probably the biggest which you will find the perfect diamond
investment they’ve ever made in any for you. This can be done as many times as
item of jewellery. you wish until the perfect diamond is
found for you.
All around us levels of buying
experience is showing how it Knowing your piece is totally unique is an
influences where people bank, stay essential part of the experience so the look
20/20 thirty
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