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You would be
surprised what
Orbital Insurance Broker
you can achieve
with a modest cash sum!
You will be surprised to learn that even a modest will no doubt have their own requirements, it is
amount of spare cash can provide you with a healthy designed to make it easy for the cautious investor to
monthly income, and that you can start building see how they could achieve potentially higher rates of
wealth today! return than those seen in a bank deposit type
First you need to give some thought to whether there
is a specific event or occasion when these funds will As the emphasis is on building and preserving
be needed, or would you like to start benefiting wealth for the long-term, we need to look at the best
straight away from your nest egg. So you first need to way of achieving capital growth without too much
build the capital, which leads to the all important risk for the Smart Investor client. Equally, when
question of where do you start? looking at providing a regular income for a client, we
aim to achieve a realistic amount (monthly, quarterly
Placing funds on a fixed term deposit at a bank or or annually) without depleting the capital sum.
building society can often offer the customer a higher
rate of interest than a standard current account. They In the first instance we need to carry out an extensive
can also provide access to capital and keeping some consultation with new clients which is mandatory, to
cash liquid is always advisable. However after tax obtain a detailed understanding of a client’s financial
and in a time of high inflation, the real buying power goals. This also gives us a full understanding of any
of your savings is being eroded. This is why you tax liabilities, the risk profile and personal preference.
need to look at alternative investment ideas to We are then able to build a truly personal financial
achieve returns above the rate of inflation. strategy tailored to the client’s specific requirements.
However, there is such a myriad of savings and Continuous in-depth research is undertaken on all
investment vehicles available today with numerous the different investment products we recommend,
options, fund choices and charging structures, that it and the underlying funds which are used. Regular
is difficult for most people to determine what would monitoring and reporting also plays a major part in
best suit their requirements. the Smart Investor service. All clients receive a
monthly statement of their holdings and a quarterly
So unless you are very familiar with the investment report to ensure that the focus remains specific to the
market, I would strongly recommend that you seek client’s on going needs.
the guidance of a qualified Independent Financial
Adviser. Being Independent means that the adviser At Smart Investor we are continually building on our
will have unlimited access to all the investment 30 plus years of knowledge and experience through
products and providers available and therefore be continuous study and examinations. We also have
able to create an individual investment portfolio. regular meetings with several of the major providers
such as the banks, large insurance companies and
The SMART INVESTOR platform that is available at investment houses, covering in depth reviews of the
Orbital Independent Financial Advisers, provides a major asset classes from Cash through to Equities,
full understanding of a client’s needs. Smart Investor Commercial Property Funds, Hedge Funds, Fixed
is a service that is designed to help the public obtain Interest Gilts, Corporate and Government Bonds etc
up to date, on going information on where and how
to invest in some of the best investment products * We are regulated by The Jersey Financial Services
available. Bearing in mind that each individual client Commission for the conduct of Investment Business.
20/20 twenty five
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