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A Change
for the Best
Lockton Channel Islands
‘Nothing changes and everything changes’ – were the words It is this ethos that Lockton will be transferring to its new
recently used by David Lockton, Chairman of Lockton, in international business, inclusive of the Channel Islands.
describing the recent purchase of the Alexander Forbes
International Risk Services companies from the Alexander Lockton is also well known in the United States for the work
Forbes Limited Group. it and its employees do in the community – which recently
included working with its clients to provide emergency
For the Channel Islands businesses of Alexander Forbes, this provisions to those affected by hurricanes in the Southern
statement is most apt. The Financial Services business of Gulf States.
Alexander Forbes remains in the Islands and continues to
transact life, pensions and investment business, but the What does this have to do with the Channel Islands one may
general insurance operation was purchased by Lockton in ask? Well, working in the insurance industry means being
November 2006. there for your client when an unforeseen circumstance occurs.
The Lockton name is not well known outside of the United Some circumstances are of a minor nature and can be solved
States. However, it is emerging as a powerful force in the without too much distress, but some are major and can have a
insurance business, having carefully built its business across major affect on an individual’s or a family’s life or even the
the United States over a forty year period. For the last 10 future of a business. To have the support at this time of a
years the Alexander Forbes international broking operations locally based, professional, insurance broking organisation,
have partnered with Lockton to provide advice to their clients with the ability to call upon international resources, can
with operations outside the United States. Lockton is ensure that those potential causes of stress are avoided or the
committed to growing its new business on the international effects of a loss are mitigated as quickly as possible.
stage and this commitment extends to its operation in the
Channel Islands. The management and staff of the Lockton business in the
Channel Islands are all Island based and have firm roots, both
In Jersey and Guernsey it is very much going to be business professionally and personally, in the Islands respective
as usual, with some enhancement to allow us to better focus communities.
on client service and satisfaction, which has always been the
underlying feature of a successful business in the C.I. Over time, clients have become friends and the community
interests of individual colleagues have been adopted as
‘We intend to be the best placed to do
corporate projects. It is very much hoped that this will
business in all the countries we operate’ continue to be the theme in Lockton’s emergence into the
Channel Islands business community.
Lockton is different from most other major international
insurance broking firms, in that the business is owned by the
As such, the key objectives for the Lockton business in the
Lockton family, rather than external shareholders. This
Channel Islands going forward can be summarised as follows:
basically means that the business can genuinely focus on
• To get results for clients,
investing in clients and staff as the number one priority.
• To work with clients who demand value
• To create an energised and engaging environment for
The company’s mission statement is ‘To be the worldwide
employees to work
value and service leader in insurance brokerage and risk
• To work in the community for the benefit of others
management services’.
So it is very much a case of ‘nothing changes and everything
When considering that the United States business has seen
double-digit growth each year for four decades, this obviously
Lockton Companies International Limited. A Lloyd’s Broker.
shows that Lockton has something that its clients want;
Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority Authorised by the Jersey
something that they feel that they cannot get elsewhere with
Financial Services Commission to carry on general insurance mediation business
other brokerages.
Licensed by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission
20/20 twenty two
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